Friday, May 24, 2013

Cooper is 7!

Cooper's 7 year pics.

I love this kid.  His little mind is always working from morning till night.  He is always thinking about the world, his world, the future, and what could be.  I love it, but at the same time it is a little overwhelming.  questions like, "Mom, if God wants us to love everyone, do we have to love the devil?"  This little guy would be a great minister some day, because he really tries to love everyone around him.  I cannot wait to see what God has in store.  So I won't forget. At 7, Cooper loves superheros, science, legos, reading the Bible, reading superhero books, writing books (he calls himself an author and an illustrator), swimming, golfing, fishing, shooting, playing with friends.  He does not like real food, still.  I thought he would have grown out of that by now.  He lives on fruit, yogurt, cheese and frosted mini-wheats.   He does not like baseball, or anything that makes him hot or tired, which depending on his mood could be anything!  Ha!  He loves his little sister Karsyn, plays great with Kenndall, and butts heads all the time with Clayton.  He is so much like me.  I pray for this boy to always keep his tender heart, always keep his friendly personality, and for God to help him to learn to go with the flow.  
I call him my best boy, bubba, and Coop, he is my 7 year old.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Clayton is 4!

I love this beautiful girl!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Family Pictures- Cross style

Family pictures, what a fun thing for a family to do!  Well not in real life, and definitely not for a 6,5,4 and 18 month old.  Even Jesus could not make all the kids sit and smile and look like catalog models.  But who wants catalog models as kids.  I am so thankful for my children’s minds, creativity, and personalities.  Yes they are crazy, yes they are naughty, yes they are stubborn (which they got from their Dad ;) ), yes, they are rambunctious, yes they are imaginative, yes they are a little nerdy,  and yes they are beautiful the way God made them.  So these are family pictures, Cross style. Thanks to my friend Leigh Madewell, for making art out of rough material.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Clayton is 4!!

Clayton Kass is 4 years old, I love this girl.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kenndall at 5 years

I love this girl.  She loves to write, she is teaching herself to read, she loves to play princesses and superheros, she loves helping me with laundry, dishes, cleaning.  She loves her friends.  She has a naughty streak that only comes out once in a while.  She is always ready to share, ready to help, ready to make someone else happy.  She is a people pleaser.  She loves school, and asks to go everyday, she will be so ready for Kindergarten next year.  She loves to sing, loves to dance.  In her prayers she never asks for anything for herself, only for everyone to feel good and have a good day.  Her heart is so big that it scares me a little.  Her best friend is her sister, Clayton.  They can play all day together!  She loves beautiful clothes, dresses, sparkly, feathery things.  She is a little bit of a scaredy cat, she is scared of dogs, peacocks, and most large animals.  I cannot wait to see what God has in store for her.  I can't believe He chose me to be her mother, I am so blessed.  I love this girl.  My Kenndall.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What I want my kids to know....

How do I show my kids how to love others with the love of Jesus?
How do I show my kids how to see others with eyes of Jesus?
How do I show my kids that even when bad things happen, Jesus is right there with us?
How do I show my kids that living in the moment, ears open to the Spirit, is vital to a strong faith?
How do I show my kids that our mouths, hands, feet and bodies are the mouth, the hands, the feet of Jesus?
How do I show my kids that they are never entitled to anything?
How do I show my kids their lives of absolute luxury should never be taken for granted?
How do I show my kids that good things require time and hard work?
How do I show my kids that judgement is never an option?
How do I show my kids that forgiveness is a way of life?
How do I show my kids that pain and struggle lead to growth and fulfillment?
How do I show my kids that each individual is a precious child of God?
How do I show my kids that love is a way of life, a choice, a decision?
How do I show my kids that loving friends doesn't stop, even when they don't love you back?
How do I show my kids that if someone steals something from them, they must give them something more?
How do I show my kids that someone hurting them never justifies hurting that person in return?
How do I show my kids that church is only  a small part of a relationship with Jesus?
How do I show my kids that houses, cars, clothes, technology, do not matter?
How do I show my kids that people and relationships are the most fulfilling thing on this earth?

By showing them.