Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Clayton always has a smile.
She is trying to grab the camera.

The kids eating a snack after a swim.

Wendy got the kids these goggles, and they make me laugh. I think Cooper looks kind of like a creature from Star Wars.

Kenndall looks hilarious too.

Okay, so my pictures aren't about friends. But I have been thinking about the importance of friends lately. I have wondered why Jesus chose the men He chose to be His Apostles. I know part of it is because He could see their hearts, but also He chose them because He knew that they were the guys that He could spend 3 years, 24/7 with and form very close bonds with. They were his friends, his BFF's. They ate, drank, laughed, cried, talked, touched and walked with Jesus as his friends. Jesus could have chosen 3 guys, 7 guys or even 10 guys, but Jesus chose 12 close friends. 12 people who would know Him in and out, closer than anyone else, except his family. Why 12 apostles? And if I remember right he had many more disciples, also friends, yet on a less intimate level. Why is it so important for Jesus to have so many friends? As I reflect on this, I wonder if He was once again setting an impotant example for us. I often wonder about the things that tend to get forgotten in the life of Jesus and this is one of them. I think Jesus knew the importance of surrounding yourself with people that you can serve, love, walk with, talk with, eat with, cry with, share with. There is no bond like the bond of a friend, and I think Jesus was living this example for us. Two verses in Proverbs come to mind, "A friend loves at all times." and "There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother." Wow. According to this, a friendship can be even stronger than a family relationship. So, in a cheesy Junior high way, I just want to say to all my friends, thank you, thank you, thank you!! I love you all! Seriously though, I didn't know how important my friends were to me until the past few years, I think that it was partially brought on by my mother's death. I couldn't believe the outpouring of love that I recieved from my friends. I also realized how poor of a friend I had been in the past and I do regret my ignorance in my relationships. So too anyone of you that I have been a bad friend, I apologize. And to all of my friends, I will try to be a better friend because I am beginning to realize the importance of having quality relationships. So, that is my reflection on friends.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swimming and more swimming.

Okay, all my pictures are backwards from the way I wanted them posted. So these first 4 are of Clayton, start with the 4th one and go back. I couldn't find her, but I heard her crying and finally I looked behind the couch. She was crawling and crying, so of course I took pictures, her little faces make me laugh.
I made it! Wait there's my mama.

I have got to get out of here!

So sad.

Watching a Veggietales after a swim!

Clayton loves the backyard.

The kids in the frog pool

Cooper can swim all by himself with his Spidey floaties.

Clayton likes the little pool.

Kenndall likes standing on the deck of the big pool, she will only get in if I hold her.

Everyday we swim. Either the big pool or the "bick fwag" in Kenndall's words (big frog) pool which is actually the little pool. Everyday we swim. I love it. It is so much fun to go outside and watch the kiddos have a blast playing in the water and then getting so tired, they are ready for bed at 7:30. :) We have been busy lately. It seems there is something that we do almost everyday. Today we went to Legacy Play Village with some friends. It was fun, but really really hot. Ugh, I was sweating as I got out of the car before we even started playing. Cooper and Kenndall had a fun time. So they are napping as I type this, and I am debating letting them play in the pool today. Because, Brian and I are going to see TRANSFORMERS tonight!! I am so excited. I loved the first one and this one looks like it will be even better!! Wendy is going to watch the kiddos for us. I love summer blockbuster movies. I also am excited about seeing the new Harry Potter which comes out soon. Ok, enough about the movies.
Sometimes I need to blog to record things that I know I will forget later. Okay. First, Clayton is everywhere in everything and on everything. She has been pulling up really well and has started to try to climb on things, she falls at least 10 times a day, because she doesn't realize she is not big like her brother and sister. Poor baby. She is so precious. She has learned that she loves Puffs, Cheerios, crackers, baby mum-mums, toast, and pretty much any table food I let her try. She is not too hot on baby food, I don't know why, she just doesn't like it. Even fruits she is not crazy about and hold her mouth closed on purpose so I can't get the spoon in. But she loves the other food, so I try to give her as much table food as I can. The sooner she is eating real food, the better for me. She is making all kinds of fun noises, sometimes I think she tries to say words. One day I swear she said "hi", she consistently says dada, but still no Mama, ugh! She still is the smiliest baby ever, I love it. She does hate going to sleep. She fusses and fusses, but I think it is just a stage and soon she will have learned to soothe herself. If I go in her room to check on her when she is crying because I layed her down, she is standing up in her crib and gives me the biggest grin, so it is all just an act.

Cooper is such a big boy these days. I love his talking, he always makes me laugh. Some of the phrases that he is saying now (and of course Kenndall copies him). "I can't remember." "I just don't think so." "The land of paws" (The land of oz, from the movie). "It's bleaking" (it's leaking). "We have to blue it." (glue it). He sometimes says "W" instead of whatever letter starts a word. Like "wry" for dry, or "wruck" for truck. It is funny. He still says Clayton as ,"Natenun" and Kenndall says, "Clayton" very clearly. Funny. Cooper has been a little toot lately, he has been testing me daily in his obedience and his fit throwing. So he has had a lot of corner time and a few swats.

Kenndall has been potty training. She has done great. (With the exception of She can go a couple of hours without going number 1, which is a huge thing, compared to her brother who has the bladder the size of a pea. She loves wearing her panties (Cooper calls them pennies), and she looks too cute in them. They are big on her, but they are the smallest I could find. Sometimes she talks so grown up it just makes me laugh. One day after I got out of the shower I was going to paint my toenails, and as I got the nail polish out, she asks, "You paint your toenails?" I laughed and laughed because she sounded like a grown up. She also loves to sing. She likes to sing Jesus Loves Me and the Veggietales song, various songs from Veggietales, and pretty much any church song. She still loves her books and could read all day if I would do it with her. I have tried to get her to "read" by herself a little more and she is doing great with that. Her favorite book is called, "Hello Bee, Hello Me!"
Anyway, I have chores to do and kids to tend. So that is all for now.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Critterfest and The Scary Tiger Show!

Kenndall feeding the miniature goats. She is tiny, but they were like half her size, so they were really tiny!
Looking at fish.

Looking at turtles.

Kenndall and Kayle playing.

The not so great tiger show. I was probably about 20 feet from the tigers, when I took this picture.

Critterfest was fun. It was kind of crazy, but fun anyway. A whole group of girls from church went and we had a blast. The best part was letting the kids play in the toddler room at the Science Spectrum. It was worth going just for that. It is so fun to watch your kiddos learn, discover and play all at the same time. The animals were neat and the kids liked that. We saw mini-goats, cows,donkeys, camels, llamas, turtles, rats, mice, snakes, crocodiles, and larry-bugs (lady bugs according to Kenndall). The day culminated with a Tiger Show!! Wow, that sounds so fun! Well, it was less than fun, in fact it was a little alarming. We had to wait in line a bit to get in, that was not fun with a grouchy and tired 3 year old and almost 2 year old. We finally got in and it smelled really bad in there for some reason, like a musty, moldy old nursing home. We sat and waited about 20 minutes for the show to begin, which was again hard for the kids. Finally the show started. The first tiger came out and he was huge!!! We were only separated from the tigers by a circular cage which was only a little sturdier than chain link, but it was not bolted to the floor or secured in anyway. The trainer made a joke that if the fence were to fall over just make sure you run faster than the guy next to you. NOT FUNNY. After the first tiger came out the trainer was tapping him with the whip and the tiger growled and scratched at him. The trainer jumped and everyone was silent, except some ignoramouses who thought it was part of the show and started clapping. From that moment on, you could see that the trainer was a little nervous. At that point I started going over escape plans in my head. Well through out the rest of the performance there were frequent growls, roars, and attempts at scratching the trainer by the tigers. It was very unsettling. One of the girls that I was made a comment like, "Just how disturbed would our kids be for the rest of their lives if they watch the tigers tear this guy to pieces." Funny, but too real of a thought. At one point one of the tigers tried to scratch him and got so close that they ripped his shirt. Another one of the tigers got down off of their podium (on which they were crouched with ears back ready to pounce) and started moving deliberatly and stealthily toward the trainer. It was obviously unnerving for him and thank God the tiger finally stopped and turned around. At one point Cooper looked at me during the performance and said, "You're scared??" I responded, "Yes, tigers are a little scary." So after the tiger show, I think everyone was ready to go home. The kids were tired and the parents were a little freaked out. Anyway, critterfest was fun, except for the tiger show. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Activites

Can you tell she likes peaches?
She also loves the spoon

Clayton not sure about the Ritz cracker.

Clayton eating the Ritz.

A sister picture

Another sister picture.

Clayton loves to stand up now, she pulls up on this toy at least 30 times a day.

Trying to get a picture of all three smiling

Clayton stylin' in boots and overalls from Grandma and Grandpa Cross.

Well, this summer has been so fun, so far. We have been busy almost everyday with fun activites. Last week we went to a petting zoo, and some friends came over to play. This week Cooper has gone to VBS, the girls and I have gone to Jumpin Jungle, played at the park, and really have stayed very busy. Between church, softball games for dad, swimming (a daily activity), walking/jogging, playing, eating, and the rest of our daily activities we have been very busy. There have been a few wild occurances as usual, including Cooper being naked at church, Cooper taking all of the toilet paper off the roll and trying to flush it down the toilet, Kenndall putting mascara on her lips like lip gloss, Clayton eating and drinking whatever the older kids give her, but all that has just made my days a little more interesting. I don't think the word bored will ever leave my lips again. Okay, so I am not going to tell all of the stories, just a few tidbits.

Clayton, Clayton, Clayton. I know every mama thinks their baby is amazing, but this baby amazes me! She pulled up for the first time last week and now that is all she wants to do. She can walk behind a little walker toy thing we have, crazy!! She really doesn't know how to crawl that well yet. Oh yeah, she is crawling/scooting everywhere. If she sees something she wants she gets it. That is unfortunate for me, because I really have to keep the floors clean. Because she eats everything. Cooper and Kenndall like to share their food with her. That makes me a little nervous, but so far she has done great. Ritz crackers have been her favorite. Clayton loves her food, she really likes to chew on the spoon while I feed her, but she has liked everything except for the proverbial green beans, none of my kids like those. So, the girl is getting so big!! She said Pa-pa the other day, much to my disgust. So she has said Da-da and Pa-pa. Why not mama????

Kenndall is getting molars so she has been a toot lately. I have really enjoyed getting to spend an extra bit of one on one time with her this week. She is a wonderful helper, she loves to help me do dishes, fold laundry, pick up, cook, whatever. She is a great helper and always loves to have a task. We have read many books this week. She loves her books, it is so precious! I can't wait till she can read, she will love reading!

Cooper has had the best time at VBS this week. It is a Pirates Veggitales and he has just loved it. Everyday he is so excited to go. I am so glad I decided to let him go ahead. I was a bit nervous at first just because it was his first time, but it has been wonderful. It is at a Presbytarian church, and their praise and worship music is really great. No comparison's or anything, but I love praise and worship and it is a delight to see Cooper singing along with the other kiddos.
Anyway, I have rambled too long. Next week we are going to a special thing at the Science Spectrum called Critterfest (they will have alligators and tigers), a magic show, and I'm sure playing with friends and swimming will be on the agenda.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Clayton is 7 months!

The lilies in our backyard
They are beautiful.

Kenndall smelling the flowers.

Surprise! I found Clayton standing up next to this toy yesterday. What!! She is too little to be pulling up.

She was very proud of herself.

Clayton is 7 months. She is trying so hard to crawl, she is trying to pull up on whatever is near by and she is the sweetest smiliest little baby. What a blessing from God!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Yeah for Summer???

Cooper and Clayton playing in the frog pool.
Cooper and Kenndall got to meet Bob and Larry, they were so excited, well Cooper loved them, Kenndall was scared.

Clayton eating puffs.

Clayton practicing her crawling position.

Another Clayton trick, she can hold her bottle, yeah!!

Well, it seems we have been so busy lately. I don't know why, sometimes it is just the daily routine, but we always are doing something.
Clayton is getting big so fast. I have started her on all kinds of yummy and yucky baby food. She isn't really a fan of any of it. She will eat apples, that is her favorite. Today I gave her some puffs for the first time and she did great. It is so funny watching her try to eat them. She seems to know that she needs to chew them. Clayton is almost crawling!! She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. I expect it to happen within the next couple of weeks. I am excited, but I am nervous. Crawlers get into everything and eat everything on the floor. So I will just have to make sure the floor is super clean. Oh well. Cleanliness is next to godliness, right? I think that saying is from like the 1800's back when the floors were dirt and all they had to do was sweep. Anyway.
Kenndall is the little talker. She talks all the time. This morning in the car she was singing Jesus Loves Me, word for word. I was really surprised, I didn't even know she knew that song that well. I have started potty training her. No luck yet. Today we have gone through quite a few panties, but at least it is a start. I had to order underwear for her off the internet, because all the kinds in the stores were too big. She will go for me sometimes, but it is inconsistent. Oh well, I am not in a hurry. She is such a bookworm, she will bring me book after book and just want me to read to her, I love that, but in the same way, somedays I cannot count the # of books that we read, and usually it is the same ones over and over. She really likes sports books and bible story books. Funny.
Cooper is getting to be a little boy, since he has turned three he has learned many new phrases that although funny are not very nice when aimed at mama. "Leave it alone!" (He especially likes to say that when I squeeze his leg or arm when I am trying to get his attention.) "Don't beat me!" This one is mainly just funny, but I can see it getting him in trouble one of these days. (FYI, I do not beat him, but we play a game where we pretend to beat each other up.) "Stop that right now!" He said this to me the other day when I was not letting him slam his bedroom door. Inside I was laughing, but he had to sit in the corner. THat boy has spent considerable time in the corner lately. I am wondering if three is almost worse than two, just because every thing is so deliberate. He is beginning to chose between right and wrong and the constant struggle is exhausting. I am thankful I never have to be a 3 year old again.
Anyway. We are all doing well. This summer I plan to mainly hang out with my friends. I am trying to think of activites and so far I think we could do something different at least once or twice a week. Yeah!! Hopefully, we will take a few trips. Belton, TX; Kansas; and Colorado (for a family reunion). I am getting over my dreading the summer and I am starting to enjoy the laid-back-ness of it all. Anyway. Much to do.