Friday, December 25, 2009


Few times in my 25 years in Lubbock have I seen a White Christmas. So for us to have this much snow on Christmas Eve is just magical! Until you have to drive anywhere and then you really wonder if Lubbock has any salt trucks or has even heard of a snow blade. Seriously. Here are a couple of snow pictures and a couple of other funny ones. I will post Christmas pictures later. We are leaving for Kansas tomorrow, so I won't post for a week, unless I really get motivated. We had a wonderful Christmas with my family today! We are so blessed!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Celebrate the Day by Relient K


I Celebrate the Day by Relient K

And with this Christmas wish is missed
The point I could convey
If only I could find the words to say to let You know how much You've touched my life
Because here is where You're finding me, in the exact same place as New Year's eve
And from a lack of my persistency
We're less than half as close as I want to be

And the first time
That You opened Your eyes did You realize that You would be my Savior
And the first breath that left Your lips
Did You know that it would change this world forever

And so this Christmas I'll compare the things I felt in prior years
To what this midnight made so clear
That You have come to meet me here

To look back and think that
This baby would one day save me
In the hope that what You did
That you were born so I might live
To look back and think that
This baby would one day save me

And I, I celebrate the day
That You were born to die
So I could one day pray for You to save my life

I love these lyrics and this song. It completely is beyond my understanding the birth of Christ. Imagining my Lord and Savior as a baby, imagining His first breath, His first cry, imaging his mother looking into His eyes as she nursed him and realizing that her little baby who depended on her for everything, would be the One person that she would end up depending on to save her soul. I love Christmas and the celebration of Christ's birth, it amazes me and touches me as a mother in a way that makes me cry with tears of joy. Thinking of Mary holding her newborn and looking at Him with amazement and love is a beautiful and heavy scene. What a perfect paradox of the saved holding the Savior.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Cheer!

Monday, December 07, 2009


I had to put this up, it cracks me up. If you are wondering what is going on with Clayton's hair, that is just how it is after you take out the hair tie.

Bella. She is a 6 week old mutt who is cute as a button. She has been a great puppy for the past 3 days, so I just hope that continues. She is supposed to be small and hopefully she won't shed.

Friday, December 04, 2009

If you have a queasy stomach...DO NOT READ, this post involves large amounts of poop, but has a moral to the story

Well this morning started off great and very routine. We were all having a nice relaxing morning, enjoying some Christmas songs and a little time with Brian before he went to work. I was folding laundry and Kenndall walks in and tells me she pooped. I have had her in underwear, so I just take a deep breath and prepare to go clean up the mess. I carry her into the bathroom, where I find Cooper on the potty. He holds up his hand and whines, "look at that". I look at his hand and there is poop on it. I was surprised because he is a very clean child and would never get poop on his hand voluntarily. So I take a closer look and he was wiping his hiney and the toilet paper ripped and voile there was poop on his hand. So I get him off the potty and start getting him to wash his hands, I flush the toilet and I turn to Kenndall who still has poop in her pants. I take off her undies, dump the poop in the potty and flush again. Well, that is when the problems began, I lay Kenndall down to wipe off her bottom and all the sudden I feel water splashing on me. I turn and to my horror the toilet is overflowing, not just a trickle, water is gushing everywhere, and it is not clean water, it is poop water! I grab Kenndall and set her outside of the bathroom and then grab Cooper and do the same, the whole bathroom floor is now covered with toilet water. At that point Kenndall says she needs to go potty. I am running to get towels, so her comment does not register. I run back to start laying towels down on the floor and I realize that Kenndall has just peed on the floor. Oh, did I mention that Kenndall and Cooper are both crying, for some reason that I do not know. So, I go tell Brian, who was getting is stuff together for work and had no idea about the situation. We laugh and say our prayer before he goes to work, on his way out he says, "This is why you are the mom, and I am not." Ah, perspective. So, I am thankful that my children are happy and healthy and I can stay home with them. I am thankful my bathroom floor is bleached clean. I am thankful that my husband knows that I do a great job taking care of our children. I am thankful that my greatest role in life is making sure that my children grow up to be children of God, and I am so thankful that God is giving me the tools and skills to make that happen, sometimes even through a poop incident like this, a lesson can be learned.