Friday, February 27, 2009

Clayton Pictures, 4 months

She didn't much like the bathtub of feathers.
Or the flowers.

Yes, I am holding her in this one, I tried to figure out how to blot myself out, but I didn't.

She liked smiling at Mama!!

This is my favorite!

Here are some pictures of Clayton, she will be 4 months on Monday. WoW! She is getting so big, so fast. We have her dr.'s appt on Monday to check her weight, get shots, etc. I am excited to see how much she has grown. She is such a good baby. Everyone says that the 3rd has to be, well I have been blessed with her. She sleeps from 10:00 pm to about 7:00 am every night!! She eats good every 3 hours and takes a lot of nice long naps in the daytime. I am trying to get her on a good napping schedule. So far, I have got her doing 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon, and 1 hour in the evening. She still sleeps a lot, but that is fine with me. I have been putting her on her tummy lately and she just flops right on over to her back. Sometimes she will move her little knees like she is trying to crawl. It is funny, cause she is so little. I have been working on her sitting up, my goal is to have her sitting up by the time she is 6 months old. She loves to stand up and look around. She also loves to yell and squeal and growl. She is very loud. It is pretty funny, but I think sometimes people think something is wrong with her. Anyway, a mother can go on and on about her precious baby.