Saturday, March 07, 2009

Just some pics

Cooper keeping Clayton company. She loves this little mat. She likes to grab Piglet and chew on him.
Sorry this is sideways, :(, Kenndall playing dress up.

Cooper getting a haircute from dad.

Clayton smiling her usual smile.

This is Kenndall at almost 4 months, her and Clayton definitely look alike.

I took Clayton to her 4 month appt. She is 11 lbs. 10 oz., and 23 inches long. So she is going to be little like her sister. Her weight is 25th percentile, her height is 50th percentile. The dr. said she looks great. Yeah!

I take Kenndall next week for her 18 month appt. I am interested to see what she weighs, my prediction is 20 lbs. She is still wearing her 12 month clothes, nothing 18 months can fit her at all. She is very petite, but she has enough personality to for all of us. Which is great. She is getting to be such a toddler. And really, sometimes I wonder if the terrible twos are going to be some of the most awful days I can imagine. That is kind of negative, but you should see her throw a fit, I have never seen or heard anything like it. Wild. She is also started teasing Cooper, running away with his toys. Ughhh! Lot's of timeout ahead for that young lady. Oh, and she will not sit in the corner. I have to stand right by her and put her in every minute while she screams. But, she is also very smart and determined, so I just try to focus on how to teach her to keep her determined spirit while obeying momma. Anyway. Enough of that. I am going to try to get her picture made next week sometime.
Cooper is growing up so fast, he will be 3 in May! Wow! In just two years he will be in Kindergarten, whoa!! He is doing better with the potty training, I let him wear undies at home, but not when we go out, I am not ready for that. He is talking up a storm, one of his favorite things to say is, "that is my favorite......" fill in the blank, often it is whatever he is playing with or holding or thinking about. He loves to sing, he sings in the car and it is such a beautiful sound, I love it. There is nothing like hearing your 2 year old sing a praise song.
Gotta Go!!