Friday, March 13, 2009

This and That

Clayton sometimes falls over when she gets tired of sitting up.
Clayton sitting up by herself!

Cooper and Kenndall walked around with sunglasses on this morning and held hands. Interesting.

Cooper passed out while watching some movie.

Kenndall passed out on our walk.

Goings on around here lately have been interesting as usual. Busy, busy. I have been conquering the various piles around the house. Piles of laundry, piles of dishes, piles of trash, piles of toys, piles of books, piles of socks, piles of dirt, etc... You get the idea. It seems that much of my daily tasks involve cleaning up messes. So, I have decided that not everyone gets the opportunity to clean baby messes 1000 times a day, I could be much worse off, so I will be cheerful doing it. Anyway. On to my struggle. Some friends and I were talking last night and we discussed the percentage of time our kids spend crying. It is absolutely ridiculous. And for what? NOTHING! Girls, especially. Kenndall has been sick this past week, she got an antibiotic shot at the clinic. They didn't know what kind of infection she had, but her fever was 103.5, and she did not feel good. Her ears were clear, they did flu and strep tests and they were negative, so they just gave her a shot. Who knows, anyway, she has been very very very needy. Lots of crying, and she wants me to hold her all day long. Ugh! I have been pushed to my limits with that. Anyway, she seems to be a little better this evening. I cannot believe that she is 18 months old. I am going to have her picture taken next week sometime. Yeah!! I love pictures.
I have been trying to walk with the kids regulary, it is a workout! But, it has been nasty and cold the past couple of days, so nix on the walking. I feel a lot better when I do it, it sometimes is an ordeal getting on the road, so to speak. I put Clayton in a front/pack/carrier thing and I push the other two in the stroller. I figured out the other day that I am carrying 12 extra pounds and pushing 80, so yes I get a work out. It is fun and the kids love it. Clayton even loves to look around the whole time.
This next week is spring break. I am trying to figure out daily activities to do with the kids. So far I just have Monday planned. So, I need to get on the ball.
Brian started his new job Monday. I think he likes it so far, it is hard to tell the first week. He has been cheerful all week, so that is good. And he has gotten off work at a reasonable time each day. He has started softball. I always enjoy watching them play. The kids like it too. It will be crazy this year with the 3, yikes.
Lately I have been working on finding a way to get out my stupid Alltell contract so I can get an iPhone and get on Brian's plan. So, if anyone knows how to get out of a stupid cellphone contract (without paying termination fees), let me know. It will save us money to be on the same plan, and I really NEED an iPhone. Okay, so need maybe a little bit of an exageration. I want one pretty bad, and they are pretty much the coolest thing ever invented (besides disposable diapers). :)
I have got to get started on dinner and the pile of dishes that magically grew out of the sink today.