Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Laundromat Fiasco

Spring Break, yeah!! We have had the best time this week, so far. Monday we went to Jumpin' Jungle (if you have never been, it is great!) with my family. Cooper, Taylor, Britten, Kenndall, and Clayton all had a great time, then we went to Chick Fil A and ate lunch and the kids played even more, I think they were all exhausted. Then Tuesday evening we went to Legacy play village and cooked out hotdogs and the kids played till 8 o'clock. That is one late night for my kiddos. They had a blast and the food was yummy, hot dogs, smores, big red ice cream and the kids had little mini cupcakes that they just loved. Wednesday was not a great day, but it was still ok. I took Kenndall in for her 18 month well check. Found out she has an ear infection. I kind of wondered, but she didn't have a fever and she was eating and sleeping ok, anyway, I kind of felt bad for her. She got shots too. So she kind of had a rough morning. Then in the afternoon I stopped by to see a friend who had recently brought home twin boys, they were precious!! Then I went and scouted out a laundromat. The Laundromat fiasco begun. Sigh. Okay, let me back up a bit. At Christmas my dad gave me a gift card, and we needed a new comforter really bad, so we went to Burlington and I found one that I loved. It was so nice. When we got home and put it on the bed it was exactly what I wanted. Monday I went on a walk with the kids, which is a daily activity for us and when I got home I sat down to check my email and I put Clayton on our bed. She was squirmy and squealing just like she usually does, well finally she kind of started fussing so I picked her up. The first thing that hit me was the smell, super stinky, then I noticed that I had poop all over my arm (sorry if that is gross, it happens), then I looked at her clothes, they were saturated with poop from her legs, up her back. Then I looked at my beautiful comforter. Big poop stain! I was horrified. So I went and cleaned up Clayton, she got a bath, and I assessed the damaged. It was bad. I sprayed some Shout on the stain and I tried to stuff the comforter in the washer. Well. It is is a huge king size comforter and it is very heavy. It is probably about 2 inches thick, so there is no way I could wash it at home. So I thought about taking it to the dry cleaners, but I really didn't want to pay a lot of money to have it cleaned b/c it is so heavy and huge I know they would charge me an arm and a leg. So I decided to go to the laundromat and do it myself. And being the stubborn girl that I can be I decided to take all the kids with me. Well, I definitely could have gotten someone to watch them, but I didn't know how long it would take and I thought I could handle it myself. So, I loaded up the comforter in the back of the Excursion (and yes, it is so big it took up the whole back area) and went to the laundromat. I put our portable DVD player in the bag, b/c I thought I could just let the kids watch a movie while we waited. Well I got there and it took 3 trips to get my stuff, the kids, and the comforter. So I put the comforter in the washer and it said it would take 57 minutes to wash. WHAT!! So I found the shortest cycle which was 37 minutes and it started washing. Well the kids ran around and had fun playing with the video games that were in the washateria. I was just carrying Clayton around and suddenly she grunted and I knew she had pooped. Ugh! Great timing. The bathroom in the laundromat did not have a changing table, so I decided to just change her on my lap. Mistake #2 (the first mistake was going to the laundromat with all the kids). She had pooped out the side of her diaper (thanks Huggies)! It was all over her onesie. As I changed her and tried to clean her up the best I could, I got poop on my arm and on my hand. Ugh! And I used up all of my wipes getting her clean. I didn't have any other clothes for her b/c I didn't think she would have poop like that while I was at the laundromat. While I was changing her diaper. Kenndall proceeded to unload all of the laundry detergent, fabric softener from my bag, get into my purse and run off with Clayton's pants. I am not kidding. My threats of time out and spankings were empty b/c of the poopy baby on my lap. Finally she ran away from me with Clayton's pants. I was so mad!! And where was Cooper? He was running around the laundry mat doing who knows what. At that point I realized I was in over my head. So, I packed up my stuff and took the kids to the car. I set up the DVD player in the car and locked it and I took Clayton with me to check the progress of the comforter. It was done washing. So I opened the door and began to load it into a cart. It was dripping wet!! And it was so heavy, plus I was holding Clayton so I was having a hard time. Finally I get it loaded into the cart and I take it to a dryer and stuff it in, again, I think that was even harder than getting it out of the washer. I put my card in to pay and I accidentaly hit the wrong button and start the dryer on top of the one I was using. Ugh! So I put my card in again and get it started. Then the attendant comes running over to me and in a very loud voice says, "You can't put that in there it is too wet!" I said, "well that is how it came out of the washing machine." She said, "well you are going to have to put it back in the washer, it is too wet for the dryer." Seriously? So I started to unload the incredibly huge, heavy, and dripping comforter back into the cart. My shirt and pants were wet, and keep in mind I am still holding Clayton. Poor baby. Well, the lady says, "No, no, no! you will drip everywhere." I held back the 1000's of sarcastic comments and looked at her. "Well what I am supposed to do then?" She ran and got a plastic bag. Sigh. So I loaded the comforter in the bag and drug it back to the washer and stuffed it in. This time the attendant paid for it and she set it up to just spin. That took about 20 minutes. But, it worked. For some reason Clayton was starting to get fussy. I can't imagine why? The poor child. Cooper and Kenndall were in the Excursion making a huge mess and watching the Little Mermaid, but I didn't care. So I got the horribly heavy huge comforter out of the washer and put it into the dryer. This time it was ok. By this time I was pretty much the center of attention in the whole place. Unfortunately. A gay guy came played with Clayton for a little bit, that was nice. Then an older lady helped me load the comforter into the dryer. I think they all felt sorry for me. oh well. So I went out to the car to check on the kids. They were great, they had smashed up a graham cracker all over the seat, but they were watching the movie and having fun, so that was ok with me. The dryers at this place were a little weird. I put the money card in and I would go check on the kids and whenever I got back the comforter was not dry and it had stopped. Well it took me three times of this routine to figure out that you had to press this certian button twice to get it to dry right, and then it would only run for 15 minutes. At this point I had been there for 1 hour and 1/2 and I was tired. Brian called me on his way home from work and met me there. I wanted to cry when I saw him, he said, "You are crazy." and then he gave me a big hug. Anyway. Once he got there, everything was much more bearable. The comforter never did get dry so we just took it home damp and put it on our bed and turned the fan on high. Today it is ok and the poop stain is gone, so I guess the fiasco was a success. And I learned a valuble lesson, don't go to the laundromat with three babies. I really try to just integrate the kids into my life and what I need to get done, but I guess that there are limits and the laundromat is my limit.