Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break Pics

Friday we went to the Texas Tech Museum with Wendy, Coby, and Garret. We had a good time. We saw a laser movie at the Planetarium (wasn't that good). Then we went to McD's and ate lunch and played. The kids had a great time with their cousins. Coby and Garret are so good with the kiddos. The pictures are of the kids chasing jackrabbits outside the museum. We were killing time before the movie.

Here are a few pics from this past week. This is Clayton at Jumpin Jungle, she had a great time because she was held the whole time. This is Cooper and Kenndall eating their yummy dinner at Legacy Play Village.

Cooper and Taylor at Jumpin Jungle.

Kenndall at Jumpin Jungle.

The cousins at Gammy and Papa's sleepover. They ate M&M's, played in the leaves, had a picnic, played games, sang songs, watched movies, and had a blast.