Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Closer by Sanctus Real

Sanctus Real

Closer (here is the link to the video on YouTube)

I'm not satisfied in this lifetime
I'm following you to the other side
There's nothing that can change my mind
You're all I need

You're the only tie that binds my heart
Away from you I'm falling apart
We need to be closer than we are
You're all I need

So what can I do to get closer?
I know there is more my heart can bear
I give you control 'cause I need you
To take me there

Like a bird flying south
I'm seeking you out
And there's no rope that can tie me down
I'm running home,
I'm a slave set free
You're all I need

I am waiting
Draw me closer
I am waiting
Make me stronger

I love this song!! The last line strikes fear in my heart, but it is a beautiful fear. A fear of what God is going to do in my life to help me become stronger. A fear that as I grow closer and closer to God my heart will not be able to withstand the refiner's fire. I have seen God do so much in the past year within my heart, I fear and yearn for what is coming.....