Thursday, April 02, 2009

Clayton is 5 months....

Clayton sitting up.
Clayton and Kenndall holding hands

My girls like their paci's.

Clayton wearing her big girl boots from Grandma and Grandpa Cross. And no, she is not standing up by herself, she is leaning on me.

Superman and Hawkgirl.

Wow! My sweet baby is Clayton is 5 months old today! What a joy she has been to me. She is the happiest most content baby ever. She is quickly learning to sit up. Yea! She can sit by herself for about a minute or two without the boppy and with the boppy she sat up for about 20 minutes by herself this morning. I was so excited. I love being able to sit a baby down and let them play with their toys. She loves to watch her brother and sister play. She is gumming everything, so I wonder if she will start getting teeth soon, I hope not. Anyway, time is flying by.