Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Thoughts

Cooper playing Cowboy

Kenndall playing cowgirl.

Clayton looking cute as usual/

Kenndall after eating a chocolate bunny. (Thanks Miss Amy!!)

Clayton, what a sweetheart.

Cooper put yogurt in his hair, I was not happy.

The theme around our house this week has been Easter!! In Cooper's words, "meester". Funny. We started our celebration of "meester" with last Saturday at Dad and Janet's. They hid eggs for the kids and then we ate dinner. Actually I think all the kids ate large amounts of chocolate, but it was so much funny. I need to get pics from my Dad because I forgot my camera. Anyway the kids had such a blast. My kiddos love their new cousins, Taylor and Britten. They have a blast playing princesses, swords, watching veggietales, playing in the leaves, coloring and all kinds of other games. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful "step" family.
Thursday at Superkids, the kids hunted eggs again. They brought home baskets full of eggs that were loaded with candy and little toys. The kids had a blast going through that. My living room looked like an easter egg bomb exploded in there.
Tomorrow we will have another egg hunt at Wendy's house. The kids will get to see all of their Cross side cousins (except Mya), so they will have a blast playing with them.
Sunday we will have another Easter egg hunt with our class at church. So that will be fun as well. Anyway. I'm sure after this weekend I won't want to see a "meester" egg for at least a year. :) Somehow in all of that fun, I would like to be able to try to fit in the story of why we celebrate Easter.
My children are such blessings from God!! Yes, they drive me nuts sometimes, they make huge messes, and sometimes I contemplate pulling out my hair, but they are wonderful blessings from God. My son is so affectionate and loving, creative and laid back. My first daughter is determined, creative, affectionate, and helpful. My second daughter is joyful, laid back, patient, and curious. What did I do to deserve these incredible blessings? Sometimes I don't think that my heart can be any more full.
I have been so blessed by God lately. I am actually learning to listen to His voice. Throughout my whole life I have had a complete one sided relationship with God. Yes, He has blessed me, etc., but I have never truly experienced hearing God's voice in my heart. I have prayed and prayed and never heard anything back. One reason for this is because in my church upbringing it was never emphasized or taught how to listen and follow the voice of God, in fact, most people that talked of that were considered a little off their rocker. But God promises and promises that He will speak to His children, and I want that, I want to be so close to God that I hear His voice and know His voice. And amazingly, God has spoken to me in ways that I could have never imagined. No I haven't seen a bright cloud with a booming voice telling me some majestic saying. It has been a small quiet word in the deepest part of my soul, but it is undeniable. And when I have obeyed His voice, the peace and joy has been abosultely amazing. I know that some of you may think I am crazy, that my kids have finally driven me to hearing voices, and that is fine if you think that. But I know in my heart that finally, after 30 years of church going, pew sitting, and doctrinating, I actually have a relationship with God. Yes, going to church is important, my church relationships have led me to the place I am now, yes, learning about the bible is important, that has also been a stepping stone. BUT, none of that matters unless you can talk to God and know in your heart that He will talk back. So I encourage anyone that has never heard God speak to you, and if you don't know if you have heard God speak, or you think maybe you have heard God speak, pray for God to open your ears, just like anything it takes practice, you have to be a diligent listener. God is there and He will speak to you.