Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter at Wendy's Pics

Kenndall with her eggs.

Cooper checking what is in the egg.

Kent, Kenndall, and Sage.

The group picture of the cousins, I took about 10 and this is the best one...

Here are some pictures of our Easter at Wendy's house. It was so fun. Wendy cooked her ham that pretty much melts in your mouth, Kim made her Grannie's potatoes, Jenni made green beans and I contributed the drinks, because my cooking is somewhat questionable. Anyway, we ate, the kids played, there was some Rock Band going on. Our family has some great singers, (I am being serious and sarcastic at the same time if that is possible.) Then we had the Easter egg hunt! The kids had such a blast. And Wendy and Tracy know how to put on an Easter egg hunt, they had a whole trash bag full of Easter eggs! I have never seen so many eggs in my life. It was great. Anyway. My two kiddos have very different hunting "styles", so that was fun to watch. Cooper finds an egg, looks inside and if he likes what he sees, he eats it and then looks for other eggs as he is eating. After all the eggs are found he likes to open every single piece of candy and eat it. Kenndall finds the eggs, then she needs help opening each one, which she immediatly lets you know by her shrill little voice, "I need HEEEEEELP." Then she likes to eat so much chocolate that she throws up a little, which she did on Wendy's carpet and Brian's arm. It was pretty gross. Anyway. We had a great time with all the cousins. Sunday we had another Easter egg hunt with our church bible class. That was fun as well. I don't have any pictures of that because I am the loser parent that forgets their camera everytime. Anyway. I have a busy evening planning. I am going to a little ladies dinner thing at church. I am excited. A night spent with friends, good food and good speakers. I really enjoy going to stuff like that. Well, I can hear Cooper and Kenndall squabbeling (spelling???). Gotta go.