Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Cooper lined up all his cars in a specific order, it was very organized, by color and characters, funny kid. He is just like his daddy. Oh and he is trying to put his undies on.
Cooper cheesing it up for the camera

Clayton cheesing it up for the camera.

Kenndall sharing her juice with Clayton.

Let's see this morning... Kenndall smashed up her breakfast bar on the table and made a huge mess, Cooper pottied a little bit in the potty, but most got on his undies, a lid to a sippy cup was leaking milk on the couch, Kenndall dropped a cracked and stepped on it in the sunroom, I stepped on a cracker in the sunroom and smashed it to bits, both the kids wanted candy for breakfast and started crying when I told them no, Cooper head butted Kenndall and got a spanking and put in the corner, Kenndall pushed Clayton, so she got a swat and put in the corner, Cooper took off all of his clothes to go poop in the potty, Kenndall said, "hold you mama," at least 50 times. Anyway, I could go on and on. What is so funny to me, is that some people might freak out if all this happened to them, but to me it is just a very average morning, in fact, honestly it was a good morning. Why? Because I have discovered a secret to living a crazy life and still having the time of my life. Everytime something "goes wrong" or I have to clean something up, or whatever craziness is happening, it is an opportunity. An opportunity to serve, an opportunity to teach, and opportunity to learn to lean on God. It is so easy to think that when you sit on the toilet and there is no TP, "great, I have to replace the TP again." Instead that is an opportunity to serve. Everytime a mother changes a diaper, gives a bath, gets more milk, answers a toddler who's favorite words are, "I need...", each of those things stores up not only a beautiful treasure for her, but an incredible example is given to her children. By serving her family, a mother teaches her family to serve. There is no greater lesson in life, than one that is actually lived out. I have only just recently realized that God is not cursing me with spilled milk, potty on the carpet, dishes, laundry, baths, messes and more messes. These are gifts that are given to me to allow me an opportunity to grow. I don't know if that is amazing to any one else, but I am amazed that God has provided me with such an opportunity. Even in the small part of my life that doesn't involve my kiddos, when a driver pulls out in front of me on the road, when Walmart is out of my favorite cereal, when someone is deliberately rude. God is giving me an opportunity to grow. There are no coincidences in this life, the older I get the more I am convinced of that. An omnipresent Father will create a life that is exactly what we need, all we need to do is be aware of His voice and His hand. I don't think that everything that goes wrong in our lives is God's doing (ie the story of Job), but if He sees a growing opportunity for us, then in His love for us, He may let us hurt just for a little bit in order to be stronger in the long run.
My children have opened my eyes to so many things, I thank God for them each day. I am truly learning the deep involvement that God has in our lives, no parent just stands to the side and lets their child grow up on their own, God has a hand in all things that happen to us, no matter how small. So later today, when Kenndall is eating some crackers and spills them everywhere, I can just take a deep breath and say, God thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve. (That is much easier said than done, and most of you know.)