Sunday, May 17, 2009

Clayton's 6 month appt., rambling, and need a good read

Clayton watching the kids play in the pool.
Playing with the cube o fun.

She loves the cube.

She also loves her paci.

I took Clayton in for her 6 month appointment on Friday. I love doing that because I get to see how much she has grown. She weighed in at 14 lbs, which is 15% for weight. She measured 26 inches long, which is 75% percentile. So it looks like she is going to to follow along the same body type as Kenndall. She is wearing 3 month clothes, and some 6 month, but they are pretty big on her. Anyway. The dr. said she looked great. She is sitting up good and likes to eat applesauce with cereal mixed in. Oh and on Mother's Day, she said her first word, "da-da", of course.
This baby is the smiliest most easy going baby. I thank God each day for her and her great personality. She has been kind of a pill lately, she has decided she doesn't want to go to sleep. But she just cries for awhile when I lay her down. She is just fine if I let her play. So I guess I will have to move to a more structured sleep schedule with her. Wow, I am really boring tonight.
In more interesting news. Brian worked on getting the pool ready yesterday, I am so excited about swimming this summer! On a hot day, there is nothing like a quick dip in the pool and a margarita. Okay the margarita part may not be a daily thing, but margaritas by the pool, mmmmmm. That will be happening this summer.
Ugh, I have had a long day, church this morning. This afternoon we had the kids picture taken. None of them really wanted to cooperate. Kenndall acted very bratty and cried the whole time, and Clayton wouldn't smile, Cooper would smile, but not at the camera. Anyway, I am tired from that ordeal. Hopefully our pictures turn out good. So the point of this, a margarita sounds really good right now.
I am needing something to read. My friends got me to read the Twilight Series, I had read a fiction book in like 8 or 9 years, so it has reawakened a desire to read. Unfortunately I read the whole series in like a week, so now I need something to read. I will pretty much read anything, so your suggestions would be great. I just finished a really good book called, "The Power of A Praying Wife", I suggest that every wife read it. It has really changed my attitude and outlook toward many things in my marriage. Excellent book, very practical and easy to read, and very short, for those of you who do not like a long volume. Anyway, so I need some reading suggestions for this summer. Wow, I have gone on and on. See ya!