Monday, June 01, 2009

Yeah for Summer???

Cooper and Clayton playing in the frog pool.
Cooper and Kenndall got to meet Bob and Larry, they were so excited, well Cooper loved them, Kenndall was scared.

Clayton eating puffs.

Clayton practicing her crawling position.

Another Clayton trick, she can hold her bottle, yeah!!

Well, it seems we have been so busy lately. I don't know why, sometimes it is just the daily routine, but we always are doing something.
Clayton is getting big so fast. I have started her on all kinds of yummy and yucky baby food. She isn't really a fan of any of it. She will eat apples, that is her favorite. Today I gave her some puffs for the first time and she did great. It is so funny watching her try to eat them. She seems to know that she needs to chew them. Clayton is almost crawling!! She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. I expect it to happen within the next couple of weeks. I am excited, but I am nervous. Crawlers get into everything and eat everything on the floor. So I will just have to make sure the floor is super clean. Oh well. Cleanliness is next to godliness, right? I think that saying is from like the 1800's back when the floors were dirt and all they had to do was sweep. Anyway.
Kenndall is the little talker. She talks all the time. This morning in the car she was singing Jesus Loves Me, word for word. I was really surprised, I didn't even know she knew that song that well. I have started potty training her. No luck yet. Today we have gone through quite a few panties, but at least it is a start. I had to order underwear for her off the internet, because all the kinds in the stores were too big. She will go for me sometimes, but it is inconsistent. Oh well, I am not in a hurry. She is such a bookworm, she will bring me book after book and just want me to read to her, I love that, but in the same way, somedays I cannot count the # of books that we read, and usually it is the same ones over and over. She really likes sports books and bible story books. Funny.
Cooper is getting to be a little boy, since he has turned three he has learned many new phrases that although funny are not very nice when aimed at mama. "Leave it alone!" (He especially likes to say that when I squeeze his leg or arm when I am trying to get his attention.) "Don't beat me!" This one is mainly just funny, but I can see it getting him in trouble one of these days. (FYI, I do not beat him, but we play a game where we pretend to beat each other up.) "Stop that right now!" He said this to me the other day when I was not letting him slam his bedroom door. Inside I was laughing, but he had to sit in the corner. THat boy has spent considerable time in the corner lately. I am wondering if three is almost worse than two, just because every thing is so deliberate. He is beginning to chose between right and wrong and the constant struggle is exhausting. I am thankful I never have to be a 3 year old again.
Anyway. We are all doing well. This summer I plan to mainly hang out with my friends. I am trying to think of activites and so far I think we could do something different at least once or twice a week. Yeah!! Hopefully, we will take a few trips. Belton, TX; Kansas; and Colorado (for a family reunion). I am getting over my dreading the summer and I am starting to enjoy the laid-back-ness of it all. Anyway. Much to do.