Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Activites

Can you tell she likes peaches?
She also loves the spoon

Clayton not sure about the Ritz cracker.

Clayton eating the Ritz.

A sister picture

Another sister picture.

Clayton loves to stand up now, she pulls up on this toy at least 30 times a day.

Trying to get a picture of all three smiling

Clayton stylin' in boots and overalls from Grandma and Grandpa Cross.

Well, this summer has been so fun, so far. We have been busy almost everyday with fun activites. Last week we went to a petting zoo, and some friends came over to play. This week Cooper has gone to VBS, the girls and I have gone to Jumpin Jungle, played at the park, and really have stayed very busy. Between church, softball games for dad, swimming (a daily activity), walking/jogging, playing, eating, and the rest of our daily activities we have been very busy. There have been a few wild occurances as usual, including Cooper being naked at church, Cooper taking all of the toilet paper off the roll and trying to flush it down the toilet, Kenndall putting mascara on her lips like lip gloss, Clayton eating and drinking whatever the older kids give her, but all that has just made my days a little more interesting. I don't think the word bored will ever leave my lips again. Okay, so I am not going to tell all of the stories, just a few tidbits.

Clayton, Clayton, Clayton. I know every mama thinks their baby is amazing, but this baby amazes me! She pulled up for the first time last week and now that is all she wants to do. She can walk behind a little walker toy thing we have, crazy!! She really doesn't know how to crawl that well yet. Oh yeah, she is crawling/scooting everywhere. If she sees something she wants she gets it. That is unfortunate for me, because I really have to keep the floors clean. Because she eats everything. Cooper and Kenndall like to share their food with her. That makes me a little nervous, but so far she has done great. Ritz crackers have been her favorite. Clayton loves her food, she really likes to chew on the spoon while I feed her, but she has liked everything except for the proverbial green beans, none of my kids like those. So, the girl is getting so big!! She said Pa-pa the other day, much to my disgust. So she has said Da-da and Pa-pa. Why not mama????

Kenndall is getting molars so she has been a toot lately. I have really enjoyed getting to spend an extra bit of one on one time with her this week. She is a wonderful helper, she loves to help me do dishes, fold laundry, pick up, cook, whatever. She is a great helper and always loves to have a task. We have read many books this week. She loves her books, it is so precious! I can't wait till she can read, she will love reading!

Cooper has had the best time at VBS this week. It is a Pirates Veggitales and he has just loved it. Everyday he is so excited to go. I am so glad I decided to let him go ahead. I was a bit nervous at first just because it was his first time, but it has been wonderful. It is at a Presbytarian church, and their praise and worship music is really great. No comparison's or anything, but I love praise and worship and it is a delight to see Cooper singing along with the other kiddos.
Anyway, I have rambled too long. Next week we are going to a special thing at the Science Spectrum called Critterfest (they will have alligators and tigers), a magic show, and I'm sure playing with friends and swimming will be on the agenda.