Friday, June 19, 2009

Critterfest and The Scary Tiger Show!

Kenndall feeding the miniature goats. She is tiny, but they were like half her size, so they were really tiny!
Looking at fish.

Looking at turtles.

Kenndall and Kayle playing.

The not so great tiger show. I was probably about 20 feet from the tigers, when I took this picture.

Critterfest was fun. It was kind of crazy, but fun anyway. A whole group of girls from church went and we had a blast. The best part was letting the kids play in the toddler room at the Science Spectrum. It was worth going just for that. It is so fun to watch your kiddos learn, discover and play all at the same time. The animals were neat and the kids liked that. We saw mini-goats, cows,donkeys, camels, llamas, turtles, rats, mice, snakes, crocodiles, and larry-bugs (lady bugs according to Kenndall). The day culminated with a Tiger Show!! Wow, that sounds so fun! Well, it was less than fun, in fact it was a little alarming. We had to wait in line a bit to get in, that was not fun with a grouchy and tired 3 year old and almost 2 year old. We finally got in and it smelled really bad in there for some reason, like a musty, moldy old nursing home. We sat and waited about 20 minutes for the show to begin, which was again hard for the kids. Finally the show started. The first tiger came out and he was huge!!! We were only separated from the tigers by a circular cage which was only a little sturdier than chain link, but it was not bolted to the floor or secured in anyway. The trainer made a joke that if the fence were to fall over just make sure you run faster than the guy next to you. NOT FUNNY. After the first tiger came out the trainer was tapping him with the whip and the tiger growled and scratched at him. The trainer jumped and everyone was silent, except some ignoramouses who thought it was part of the show and started clapping. From that moment on, you could see that the trainer was a little nervous. At that point I started going over escape plans in my head. Well through out the rest of the performance there were frequent growls, roars, and attempts at scratching the trainer by the tigers. It was very unsettling. One of the girls that I was made a comment like, "Just how disturbed would our kids be for the rest of their lives if they watch the tigers tear this guy to pieces." Funny, but too real of a thought. At one point one of the tigers tried to scratch him and got so close that they ripped his shirt. Another one of the tigers got down off of their podium (on which they were crouched with ears back ready to pounce) and started moving deliberatly and stealthily toward the trainer. It was obviously unnerving for him and thank God the tiger finally stopped and turned around. At one point Cooper looked at me during the performance and said, "You're scared??" I responded, "Yes, tigers are a little scary." So after the tiger show, I think everyone was ready to go home. The kids were tired and the parents were a little freaked out. Anyway, critterfest was fun, except for the tiger show. :)