Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July

Kenndall doing a sparkler. She really didn't like them that much. At one point some smoke got in her eyes and she said, "MY EYES, MY EYES!" very dramatically. From that point on she wasn't interested, as you can see in the picture below, that is her in the background.
Cooper loved the sparklers.

Clayton's first 4th of July!

Clayton was dancing to the music!

I tried to take a picture of all 3 kids in their cute 4th of July clothes (thanks Janet!). BUT, they were a little grouchy and no one would cooperate. So this is the result of that and it is really blurry. :(

We had such a fun day yesterday. We had a lazy day at home. A nice swim in the afternoon. Then, we went to Wellman with my dad. We had a fun time. The kids played and played. We got to listen to some great music from Lone Prairie, and enjoy a great fireworks display. The kids played with sparklers and Pa-pa got them some glow rings that were a big hit. The kids loved the fireworks, Clayton just watched and watched. Kenndall kept saying, "more, more!" and Cooper would say, "One more time?" It was cute.
Really, I think that July 4th is one of my favorite holidays. It is in the middle of the summer, there are no presents involved (not that I don't love Christmas, I do), it is laid back, there are lots of outdoor activites to do, and we get to celebrate the many freedoms that we have. I thank God that my children are growing up in a free nation, where they can be free to vote, speak, work, learn, love, live and worship. What a blessing and a great responsibility.