Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Home for A Bit, and Leaving Tomorrow

Clayton after an attempt at eating baby food.
Clayton, Kenndall in the wheelbarrow at Papa's.

Taylor, Clayton, Kenndall on a wheelbarrow ride with Papa.

Baby Ellie and Baby Ryan. Lindsay's and Allison's new babies. They are 11 days apart! I love these babies!!

Cooper riding the tricycle at Papa's.

Dad and Janet and all their grandkids, except for Abriella and Colby.

Clayton in the swing at Papa's.

Cooper with his fake "sunbrella" and his raincoat.

Kenndall with her raincoat. (Thanks Aunt Tracy!)

The cousins squished into this little cabinet.

So, we have had a whirlwind week and 1/2 at home and tomorrow we leave for my family reunion in Colorado!! I am excited to see a lot of cousins, aunts, and uncles that I don't see very often. We get together in a mountian lodge and play games, eat, talk, and just enjoy each other's company. So, tomorrow we will go to Albuquerque to visit my grandma for a couple of days and then we will head on up to Colorado for 4 days. My dad, Janet and Nat are all going with us so we will have a full car.