Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Family Reunion

The cousins ( most of us) and uncle paul and grandpa, this one is out of order.
Janet and Clayton and Grandma Joyner.

Grandma Joyner and Kenndall

Grandma Joyner showing Kenndall a picture of herself when she was 3, wearing the exact dress that Kenndall has on.

The star of the reunion, Maddy Fletcher. I love her sweet smiles! She is such a precious little girl, and I am so excited to watch her grow up.

Cooper about to throw a rock in the stream.

Kenndall picking up rocks to throw.

Throwing rocks in the creek.

Most of the group.

My pictures are blurry, I don't know why, they looked fine when I downloaded them. hmm

We had such a great time at my family reunion. We left Wednesday night and went to Albuquerque to see Grandma Joyner and then headed up to Pueblo for the family reunion on Friday. We talked, ate, hiked, played games, played sports, and just enjoyed being with people we don't get to see very often. Dad and Janet were absolutely wonderful helping me with the kiddos. I couldn't have done it without them. I think that Cooper and Kenndall walked miles and miles all over those mountians while we were there, they loved being able to just walk and climb and discover and play. I took a walker for Clayton to play in while we were there, and she got really good at running in it and backing up and going around things, she pretty much had the run of the lodge since it is all concrete and she loved that. I didn't let her crawl around much, but when I did, her little hands turned black! She also had a couple of pairs of socks that will never be the same. But that is part of the great memories. The kids had baths in the sink every night, they enjoyed that. I am very thankful to have such a great extended family. They were such a great help and all played with kids and spoiled them a little bit. :) None of us got enough sleep, so we all have been tired today. A couple of days at home and we will be back to our normal schedule.

While we were gone, several important events occured. Clayton Kass is now 9 months old! Wow! Last night she tried to take some steps by herself. Crazy! That girl will be walking soon. She is such a delight to me, she is always smiling. Her only downfall is her yelling. Yes, the girl yells. It is very loud and obnoxious, but I don't know how to make her not do it. She hardly ever cries, but she yells instead. So, I need to figure out how to make her stop yelling. Other than that, she is the most wonderful baby.

Also, our anniversary was the 3rd. 7 years! Wow. I thank God for my husband everyday. The other day I figured out, dating included, we have been together 10 years. That is a long time. I pray that the next 10 will be just as great as the first ten!

Well that is all I have time for, I have laundry, unpacking, dishes, etc. I plan to enjoy this last little bit of summer before school starts.