Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pictures and Ramblings

Kenndall in the "new" pool. The frog pool got damaged in a storm and would not hold air, so we pulled out this little pool we got last year on clearance. The kids love it!
The new pool has a waterfall.

Clayton also liked the new pool

Kenndall checking it out.

Helping Dad fill it up.

Those are some cute booty's.

Clayton loved leaning over the side and yes eventually she leaned too far and went in face first.

The kids before church this morning. The girls looked so beautiful in their birthday dress from Grandma and Grandpa Cross.

My sweet girls.

Cooper and Kenndall love putting on their daddy's shoes.

Things have been going good, I have been trying to enjoy the last few days of summer before we get into the school routine. The kids will start September 1st. I am very excited. Every year my kiddos are at Superkids, I love to watch how much they learn and grow. We had a garage sale yesterday, after it was over, we cleaned out the garage and now we can park the Excursion in there. YEA! It is so nice to be able to park inside. I need to take a picture of that because it is pretty amazing that it even fits. Just barely. Today we spent the afternoon swimming. We won't be able to keep doing that all the time and it is such great family time, I love it.
I am going to be getting my Principal Certification this year, LCU offers an online program that I am going to go ahead and get done. So, the PhD is on the back burner for a bit, the coursework is just so much more difficult, I do not have the time or energy to get it done at this point, but that is ok, and I will continue with that probably next fall.
I am excited about Kenndall's 2nd birthday party. I cannot believe that she is almost two! We just converted her crib to a toddler bed and she has really done quite well. She has climbed in bed with Clayton a couple of times, which we immediately hear through the monitor her saying, "no Clayton, no! Mama, Clayton pull my hair!" It is really funny. Sometimes I think that Clayton does it on purpose. Clayton is quite a hair puller and pincher. I need to crack down on her before Superkids starts. I don't want her to be the bully of the nursery. :) But back to Kenndall, she is about to be 2 and she is a mess. Brilliant, but a mess. She is so full of love and so many emotions. Sometimes she will just come up and give me a kiss on whatever body part is closest to her, usually my leg. I love it! She loves singing and when she is singing a song she will look at me and say, "sing it mama". It is so funny.
Oh, and Clayton has decided that she can use anything and everything to help her walk. She loves to pull up on anything and take steps away from it or towards other things. The other day she was holding on to Cooper's pants and walking behind him. It was funny. I think she will be walking within a month. none of my other kids walked that early, but she is nothing like the other two! I have had to put her on Lactose-free formula, after 3 weeks of diahrea, I am so thankful I found out what was wrong with her. She is doing much better on that, however she doesn't really like the taste, but she drinks it anyway. She has been pretty picky about food, so far all she really likes is Cheerios and Puffs. So, that is what she eats. I keep giving her other items, but she does NOT like them. It is funny, because Kenndall loves just about anything. So seems like Clayton is taking after her brother who survives solely on fruit and crackers.
I have not been reading anything lately and it is driving me nuts! I really need something to read all the time just to occupy my mind. I know that will be solved once my online classes start, but I think I am actually going to go get a book from the library, it is called, "The Birth Order Book" by Dr. Kevin Lehman. My cousin Jessica had it at the family reunion and I really liked what I read while I was there, so it has gotten me interested enough to actually brave taking my 3 kids to the libray and getting a book.