Monday, August 24, 2009

Indian Summer, The Fray, and some philosophy

Clayton in her new floatie.
Cooper swimming.

Clayton just being cute.

The kids playing in the laundry basket.

Good picture of Kenndall and Clayton.

Kenndall swimming. She has only recently started enjoying floating around by herself in the pool, I am so proud of her!

Clayton splashes as hard as possible and makes herself choke on the water, it is really funny.

The other day, we had a tea party in the backyard. The kids had fun.

Clayton playing in the new little pool.

Precious girl.

August is almost over, where did the summer go? I have been trying to let the kids swim as much as possible since we are still having 100 degree days. So we have spent a lot of time outside. I love the summer and I am really sad to see it go, but fall is my next favorite season. Just since I have had kids, there is just something about football, school starting, the colors, halloween, thanksgiving and the anticipation of Christmas that all blend together to form a wonderful fall. Anyway. I am ready for the kids to start school. Cooper will have such a great time this year, everyday he is getting more and more grown up. It is so exciting to hear him talk and talk and talk about everything. Some of my favorite phrases, "I was just wondering." (Usually he says this when he is in trouble.) "Mama, can I do something for you." (Which when I tell him something to do, he doesn't do it, he just likes to say that.) "Are you ok?" usually to Kenndall shen she is crying and then gives her a big hug. So precious. I love my little boy. Although he can be quite a toot and has been getting a lot of spankings and timeouts lately
I have been listening to The Fray a lot lately. I think they are really one of my favorite bands, I love their popular songs, but the other ones on their albums are just as good. What I really like is that their lyrics actually mean something, which is hard to find in the age of, "ma ma ma poker face" or "let's make the dance floor just like a circus", not that those songs aren't good sometimes. But, The Fray's new song, "Never say Never" is excellent, and very listen worth. IMO.
I have been thinking a lot about grace lately. I think that so many of us do not realize how we have one of the most powerful gifts, and that is the gift of grace. When someone does something to us that is wrong or hurtful it is so easy to react with anger and pain, but God has given us something so much stronger than either of those things and that is the gift of grace. If we can give someone else a portion of the grace that God has given us, then we are truly the embodiment of His Spirit. That doesn't mean it is easy or will feel good. Honestly I do not know if it can be done without some humbling of pride, which is always just a bit painful. Anyway, it has been on my heart lately. I hope that I can somehow be able to show someone the gift of God's grace to me and I encourage all of my faithful readers to do the same. Our faith is so dependent on personal decisions we make in everyday life, true faith is manifested when we can actually turn the other cheek, or realize that being right isn't the most important thing, or forgiving an unknown slight, or choosing to put someone else's needs before our own.