Tuesday, October 06, 2009

11 months, Marriage Retreat, and the Fair

Clayton in the stroller at the fair.
Sweet baby Ryan

We were trying to have a peaceful lunch on some benches when suddenly there was a very very LOUD playing of music. Needless to say, we couldn't hear each other talk and Taylor did NOT like it. :)
Okay, this picture is kind of far away. But Allison has Cooper on her shoulders and she is pushing the double stroller with Taylor and Ryan in it. What a woman!

Me showing the baby chicks to the kiddos at the petting zoo.

Clayton's new trick is to climb on the fireplace, needless to say, I am not too happy about it, but I still will take pictures.
Yeah, I'm cool now.

Those little spikes are pigtails, not horns, BTW.

I like to stick out my bottom lip.

A closer look at the lip face.

Okay, so I don't know what order my pictures will be, but here is a short summary of what has been going on around here lately.
First, Clayton is 11 months old! NO WAY! And oh, what a handful. Now that she walks everywhere, she pretty much follows either me or the other two kiddos around. She is still just as good natured as ever. Always a smile, easy to make laugh and always interested in everything going on around her. What a precious girl! Clayton loves her daddy, and he makes sure that she gets plenty of attention when he is around. Although it would be impossible to ignore her because she is into everything. Her favorite things to do, roll the toilet paper off the roll, dig in the trash, and eating things she is not supposed to eat. Just today, while we were at the playground, she tried to eat a rock. She has her two bottom teeth and one top tooth, the other one is trying to come through, but right now her snaggle-toothed smile is just precious. I cannot believe that she will be 1 year old in less than a month!

Second, Marriage Retreat. Brian and I went to a marriage retreat that is organized by our church. It was incredible. We hadn't been away together since Cooper was born, so wow, it was nice. Not only was our marriage strengthened and refocused on Christ, both of us experienced a wonderful spiritual renewal. I strongly encourage anyone that is married to go. It doesn't matter how long or how short you have been married. It is wonderful, think about it. Who couldn't use a weekend away from "real" life to build your relationship with each other and with God.

Third, the Fair. Yes, the fair. Two adults, two double strollers, 5 children, ages: 3,2,2,10 months, and 2 months. Crazy! Allison and I met up at the fair and had a great time. The kids liked the petting zoo, the sharks, and the balloons. I know I was worn out by the time we got ready to leave. But we had a great time!
Okay, that is all for now. Fall is a busy time of year for us, birthdays, holidays, school, work, etc. Slowly I am learning to take one day at a time, to rejoice in all circumstances, and to keep my eyes and mind on my blessings. God is so good!