Monday, November 02, 2009

Clayton's 1st Birthday!!

Opening the singing purse from Aunt Kim.
We got her a chair like the other two kids have.
Clayton checking out her Pooh bear.
Clayton and her favorite present, a pushing/riding princess car from Papa and Janet.
Opening her talking book from Aunt Wendy.
The icing was all over her

She did NOT like her cake, or the feel of the icing on her fingers.
Clayton and her butterfly cake.
Clayton wondering why everyone is singing to her!

Clayton is 1 year old today! Wow! My precious little box of sunshine. I love this baby! One year ago I was sitting in church 9 and a half months pregnant wondering when my little girl would make her arrival. About 2 o'clock I started having pretty regular contractions and about 4 I realized this was the real deal. So we took Kenndall and Cooper to Wendy's house and after 9 hours of labor, at 11:14 pm, Clayton Kass made her appearance. This baby has smiled more in her first year of life than some people do in their whole lifetime. I can always count on her to cheer me up, no matter what. She has been the easiest baby and I thank God for her every day!
So, what is Clayton doing at one year. She can say Mama, Dada, "Guck" for duck, book, "uce" for juice, "na-na" which is no (maybe), Bubba for Cooper, and various other words. She tends to say the word once and then not say it anymore. However she loves to say duck and every animal is a duck. She of course is walking everywhere, and not just walking, more like speed walking. She doesn't go anywhere slowly, she walks as fast as she can. She is always interested in whatever Cooper and Kenndall are doing and tries to be a part of it.
I took her to the dr. this morning and the weighed in at 17 and 1/2 lbs, 5% for weight. Her height was 29", which is 55%. So she is about average height and she will be a skinny minny like her sister. The dr. said she looks good. And I am about to start weening her off the bottle, yuck. I am not looking forward to it because she doesn't like milk, so what to do, what to do. The dr. gave me a couple of suggestions. I am just excited that I don't have to buy formula any more! Praise the Lord!
Clayton had a great birthday party, our house was full. She had a purple butterfly cake. Her favorite present was from Papa which was a riding/pushing Princess car. She has played with it a lot. I cannot wait to see what the next year holds for my sweet baby girl.


Halloween Pictures! Cooper was Luke Skywalker, Kenndall was a duck, Clayton was a butterfly. They all looked precious! We started Halloween festivites at Superkids, the kids dressed up and they had a little carnival for them. Cooper and Kenndall got tons of candy! Then that evening we went with Brian's work to the Villa ( an assisted living facility in Wolfforth) to give candy to the residents, it was a reverse trick or treat. The kids were so sweet going in to the residents rooms and saying, "Happy Halloween". Then Friday night we carved pumpkins. Saturday we went to Trunk or Treat at South Plains. It was so fun to see all of their little friends dressed up. Cooper really got the hang of trick or treating this year. At the end, he was pretty much telling the people what he liked and didn't like (it was kind of embarassing). At one point a nice gentleman was trying to put some carmel popcorn in his bag and Cooper took it out and gave it back to him and said, "I don't like popcorn". Yikes. So a lesson in gratefulness is in order. The kids had a great time. This mama is glad we have a year until next Halloween. This weekend wore me out!