Monday, November 09, 2009

Corn Maze Fun

At the Corn Maze they have one of those little things that you put your face in and take pictures. Well, we got all the kids in this one. Cooper, Taylor, Kenndall, Clayton, and Ryan. It was funny.
The kids liked to stick their heads all the way through.
Kenndall and Taylor
Cooper and Kenndall
The kids
Kenndall playing in the leaves outside our house.
Clayton playing in the leaves

November is flying by. We went to Memphis Saturday to celebrate Caleb's 9th birthday and Tracy's birthday. The kids had so much fun. Cooper wanted to stay with Aunt Tracy, he and Kent had a great time playing together. Kenndall wanted to go home with Aunt Wendy. Anyway, it was a good little mini-vacation for me. Coby and Garret are so helpful with the kids, sometimes I wish I could take them home with me!
Sunday we went to the Corn Maze with Dad, Janet, Ally, Dustin and thier kids. It was fun. We did 1/2 of the corn maze. We were all sweating and most of us were carrying or pushing a kid. Yes, sweating in November. It has been unseasonably warm here. Anyway. Dad bought us a couple of buckets of KFC. So we had yummy food, and fun walking around. I had never been out to the corn maze, so I was pretty impressed. It is a neat place.
This week we don't have a whole lot planned, but next week is busy, busy and then the next week is Thanksgiving. Wow!
Yesterday at church we talking about service in class and small group. The lesson was about Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. Jesus created an example for us in this story. He saw an opportunity and took it. God creates opportunities like this for us, will we be ready and waiting for His leading, or will we be embarassed or scared of rejection. Everyone can serve. There are few people that cannot serve someone else in some way. God gives each of us a gift that we are called to share with others. We can all write a card to someone, call someone on the phone, send an email. Don't just encourage that person, find a way to serve that person. Offer to come help them with their children, offer to cook them a meal, offer to help them clean, offer to take them to dinner, etc., be creative. Each of us knows what our friends have to do on a daily basis, how wonderful would it be to be able to serve our friends like Jesus served His own friends.