Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Almost Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Day will be day after tomorrow. Wow! It seems this past year has flown by. I remember last year at this time, we were meeting our new step family for the first time. It was crazy. None of us knew anything about them at all except that our dad loved this lady name Janet Lewis and she had three girls that were around our age. I laugh thinking about it now. All of us were a little apprehensive, just because we were all a little clueless. But, we should have just trusted God. Because, in this past year, my step-family has become so precious to me. I always wondered why God didn't let my parents have any other girls, well now I know, He knew I would be getting 3 great step-sisters! It has been such a wonderful experience to watch my kids love Janet (Gammy). I could not have picked anyone better for my dad. My kids have 4 new cousins that they have bonded with and grown to love in just a year! Kenndall always asks about Taylor and Britten. It makes my heart so full of joy to know that they will grow up loving these cousins. I posted a few weeks ago about the death of my mother. One of the incredible things that I have realized is that God took away one person from my life and a year later added 10 people into my life that now I can't imagine life without. God is so faithful and gracious. I cannot thank Him enough for His blessings. Dad and Janet's anniversary is on the 29th (thanks Allison for reminding me!:)) As I reflect on their 1 year together, the one word that I can say is, thankful.