Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Business and Messiness

The kids playing some type of dress up.

I think Coop is Leonardo (the Ninja Turtle)
Clayton just wanted her picture taken.
Kenndall was Ballerina Michaelangelo (the Ninja Turtle). Notice her sword stuck in the back of her ballerina outfit.
My messy children.

We have a busy weekend ahead. Brian's sister and mom are coming into town, and I have 2 baby showers. So for me I will probably not stop moving for about 72 hours straight. That is ok, I am really excited about seeing Becky, Mya, and Kathy.
On another note. I have decided to be content in messiness. There is no way on this earth that I can keep all 3 of my kids clothed, clean faced, combed hair, toys picked up, floor swept, laundry done, floor vacuumed, toys in order, no spots on the floor, no crumbs. It is absolutely impossible. One day I tried it just to see if I could do it. Nope. It was impossible. And I am content with that. There are too many little moments I would miss if I cleaned and picked up all the time. I wouldn't have time to read Cooper and Kenndall a book while Clayton spills Cheerios on the floor. I wouldn't have time to hug on Clayton while Kenndall pulls out her pony tail. I wouldn't have time to sing Sleeping Beauty song with Kenndall while Cooper decides that pants should be optional. There comes a point when a little bit of messiness is ok because the moments behind the mess are irreplaceable. And that is the theme of these pictures, sometimes the kids are messy, almost naked, and just wild, but it is so worth it!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pray for Reese Griffith

One of our dear friends baby girl is in surgery this morning. She is having a procedure done to her heart. Pray that God will bring healing to her heart, pray for the doctors and nurses caring for her, pray for her parents, that they will have strength, peace, and clarity of mind in this difficult situation.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Party at School and a lesson from Lady Gaga

Clayton looking at her valentine bee she made at Superkids.
Cooper saying cheese for the camera, he didn't really want his picture taken because he was VERY interested in all his candy.
Kenndall and her bag of Valentines.

My precious children had a great time at their valentine party at school. They got plenty of sweet treats. I've been trying to teach them a little about how valentines day is a day that you make sure you tell the people that you love, how much you love them. Honestly, I am not a fan of valentines, but it is fun for the kids, so I am trying to make it a little less shallow of a holiday.
Okay, so now to my soapbox. If you are looking for fun family facts, stop reading now. :)

Lady Gaga, many of you are NOT fans of hers, well first of all because she is very very strange. Apparently it is normal for her to just wear her panties around the town and her makeup is absolutely insane sometimes. But, beyond the wild outer appearance, she is quite a talented musical artist. Her music is catchy, although the lyrics are somewhat simplistic and repetitive. However, if you look for a little bit of good, you can find it. I was recently listening to one of her songs, which I originally loathed, called, "Bad Romance". In a nutshell, it talks about having a bad romance and wanting someone so badly that you want everything bad about them as long as you can have the rest of them along with it. Honestly this is one of the most accurate portrayal's of a real life love. There is something in my heart that rejects movies, songs, TV shows, and books that create an image of romantic love that is completely unrealistic. Guy and girl fall in love and live happily ever after. No one ever gets cancer, no one loses limbs, no one dies, no one loses a child, no one gets a mental disease, no one gets arrested, no one leaves the other, no one cheats, no one is addicted to drugs, no one is addicted to gambling, no one is addicted to porn, no one gets a prostitute, no one is obese, no one is unemployed. Our culture has created a lie that a romantic relationship with someone will be free of bad things, horrible situations, and honestly real life occurrences. This lie is so perpetuated in the horribly high divorce rate. I am not saying that if you are divorced you are have done something wrong, no, no, no, there are some cases where divorce is inevitable. However, when people's perfect little romance is shaken when someone does something bad, ugly or wrong, many people's first option is divorce. What is so wrong about that is when you chose to marry someone, whether you consciously do this or not, you take their ugliness, their baggage, their mistakes along with the good and beautiful. And, what many do not realize is that your spouse will make mistakes, your spouse will sin against you, your spouse will get sick, your spouse will die and it will hurt. Okay, now that all of my readers are astounding with my positive outlook on love and marriage..... Here is the point. You need to be ready for the pain that being human will bring. Know in your heart that humanity is flawed and be ready. Be ready to forgive, be ready to defend, be ready to care for, be ready to support. That is love. True love bathes a spouse dying of cancer, true love writes and visits a spouse in jail, true love works two jobs to help make ends meet, true loves goes to counseling, true love supports a recovering addict, true love doesn't condemn a spouse for a sin, but true love's heart breaks with the desire to help heal. The relationship between a husband and a wife is so much deeper than many realize. God compares it to the realtionship between Christ and the church. Do wives respect and obey their husbands like they do the Lord? Do husbands love and care for their wives like Christ does the church? What an incredibly difficult job for both to do, because both of these roles go completely against our culture and our own humanity. I encourage each of you to take a step back from your romance this valentines day. Look at your spouse and say, I want you, all of you, the bad, the good, the ugly, the beautiful, EVERYTHING. It will deepen your relationship to accept your spouse for who they are, bad and good, which is what Christ does for us everyday. What a beautiful thing to model for your children. Imagine a child that sees his parents love each other for who they are bad and good, and imagine the depth of appreciation for God's grace in their own lives. Do it for you, do it for you children, do it for God. Find the bad romance.