Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Circus

I was trying to get a cute pic of the kids before church and this is the only one with all of them together. Cooper is eating a hanger, Kenndall has a dog bone on her nose, and Clayton is about to jump off the fireplace.
Kenndall saying cheese!
Clayton would not say cheese, only give me this mischievous smirk.
We have beautiful flowers in the back and front gardens! Clayton like to smell them.
The almost 4 year old posing with the irises.
Kenndall trying on the new dress that Aunt Brittany made for her, she loves it!

No, we did not go to the circus, the circus lives at my house. These three little blessings are members of the circus that is the daily life around here. This evening before church it was a sing-a-long, before that was ring around the rosie on my bed, before that was tag around the living room and kitchen, before that was upsidedown time on the couch, before that was a brief 5 minute interlude for dinner, before that was crying because so and so got this and that, before that was time out for talking ugly to mama, before that was movie time, before that was telling mama a story about ironman, before that was telling mama a story about sleeping beauty, before that was helping mama unload the dishwasher. And I could go on and on. I am absolutely overwhelmed by my children everyday, and everyday I thank God for the circus that is my home.
Ok, so we have been really busy lately. I have been busy finishing my principal internship, taking my certification test, getting the kiddos at my school ready for the TAKS test, going on a girls trip to Fredericksburg, going to birthday parties, etc. This time of year is always super busy, it is kind of feels like right before Christmas, but instead it is right before school gets out. The next month will continue to be busy. Brian is on a fishing trip this weekend, Cooper's birthday is next weekend, then we are going to OKC for my brother's graduation from OU with his PhD, then the next weekend is......hmmmm I can't remember. In between all that I have 4 dr.'s appointments for all the kiddos. Wow! So the circus will continue for awhile. I haven't talked about the kiddos much lately. They have been so good. Clayton continues to talk more and more, repeating all the time what her brother and sister say. She has started saying short phrases like, "no no baba (bella)", "I did", "mama ash" (mama milk), "ya you" (love you), and others. She nods her head yes and shakes it no, it is so funny to me because she looks like a bobble head doll. Oh, but she is a mess, she always has to be right in the business of whatever is going on, she never sits still, loves to take things from Cooper and Kenndall and run away as fast as she can laughing. She likes putting toilet paper in the toilet. :( She loves eating and stuffs her mouth full of food and swallows it whole, hence she chokes a lot. The girl thinks she can do anything, she loves climbing on the rocking horse and rocking as hard as she can. I need to video it because it is hilarious. She loves to do the motions to bible class songs. Her favorites are "If you love Jesus" and "Sock it to the Devil." She is now 18 months old. Wow!
Kenndall has started loving coloring to the point where she gets in trouble for it because she colors or draws on every scrap of paper she sees, she knows where all the pens and pencils are so she helps herself and just draws away. On day she told me she painted the toilet and sure enough crayon all over the toilet, and the wall and the floor and the shower door. But it came off easily. She is a precious girl, but she has been a bear about sleep lately. I pray to God it is a phase. Every night she wakes up about 4:30 am. She doesn't like laying down for her naps or at night and has been throwing fits and getting up constantly. It has been really hard on me since my other two are such good sleepers. We are supposed to see the ENT tomorrow morning, so that will be interesting. Today we had to have her hearing checked and it was just fine, I assumed it was since she talks and sings very clearly and a lot. Kenndall is a mystery to me in so many ways. Spanking doesn't work on her, it makes her crazy, however she is all about positive reinforcement and if I keep a positive attitude toward her and compliment her she responds beautifully. Timeout works much better with this child. Interestingly enough, I think Clayton will be the same way, so maybe it is a girl/boy thing. I don't know, but I need some advice on how to discipline girls. Cooper is easy, the wooden spoon works great. But the girls are totally different. I try to pick my battles with them, but sleep is highly valued by me and I have little patience with the little girl who doesn't want to go to bed. Brian is a miracle worker with Kenndall, all he does is talk gently to her and he can get her to stay in her bed and not get up once. I don't know how he does it, but he knows exactly what to say and how to say it. He is so good with all the kids!
Anyway, then there is my boy who is about to turn 4. I cannot believe that 4 years has gone by in a flash. I will post more about him on his birthday.
So, we are all doing well, taking one day at a time, God is helping us all grow each day. Brian is such a blessing to me, he is an incredible leader for our family. I thank God for him. I always get a little nostalgic this time of year, it was 10 years ago that we began our journey by a conversation on the tailgate of a truck in the spring, right before school was out. Bittersweet is reflection on the past, but God is good and everything good and bad that has happened, He has worked to make His glory evident in our marriage. If God can accomplish so much in 10 years, I cannot wait to see what He can do with the next 10 years. I thank God that I am not the same person I was, I thank God that Brian is not the same person he was. If God can take our two totally messed up lives and work a miracle to recreate us into beautiful children of His grace, there is no limit to what He can do in your life as well.
Well, I have gone on a tangent. Tomorrow is the program for Superkids!! I am excited I will try to post tomorrow night. :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cooper and the Eggs


My son. :)

Monday, April 05, 2010

Never buy Jet Dry again!!

Well, the title is a little overdramatic, but seriously, I don't know about any of you, but my dishwasher drives me crazy! I have all kinds of minerals in there and sometimes on my dishes. YUCK! Recently I have tried every type of dishwasher cleaner and nothing has worked, much to my disgust at my failure and loss of money. :( So I began experimenting. Since my limited science background told me that acid and bases react and that minerals are traditionally basic in nature, I thought I would throw some vinegar in my dishwasher and see what happened. So I poured 3 cups in the empty dishwasher and ran the cycle. When I opened it up, nearly half of the stubborn minerals were gone!!! WOW! And I spent very little money on my vinegar. So, if you need to clean your dishwasher, just use vinegar, don't spend your money on anything else. Anyway, today I was looking at the net for some recipes on homemade bread, because I am itching to try it. I found a suprising amount of people have quit buying Jet Dry Rinse Aid for their dishwashers and instead just use vinegar!! WHAT! Why have I never thought of that? Duh! So I will never buy Jet Dry again! There were also suggestions for using just a tablespoon or so with your laundry and it helps keep the washing machine clean just like the dishwasher. Oh, and if any of you detest the smell of vinegar like I do, neither your clothes or your dishes smell at all like vinegar. So you are saving money, keeping things cleaner, taking care of the environment (vinegar is completely nontoxic for the environment), and making yourself less dependent on large money wasting organizations! Try it! You will not go back to buying Jet Dry!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Morning

Cooper wearing his suit for Easter that actually was his daddy's. :)
Kenndall looking like a princess.

Clayton looks so big in her dress1

AND this is the best I could get of the the three together. :( Everyone was hungry and ready for naptime, so they wouldn't cooperate very well.

Here are a few pictures from this morning after church.