Friday, July 23, 2010


Some people may not think going out of town to my in laws house as a vacation, but I do. I cannot wait to relax by the pond, in the pool or just lay on the couch at Brian's parents house. We always have a great time, and I am so excited to get out of town. I am leaving their house Saturday for my family reunion in Colorado, which will also be fun. Here are a few pictures of our lazy July. My next post will have pictures of our vacation, yeah!

The silly kids.
Clayton eating her oatmeal with a spoon! (And sometimes her fingers.)

A baby bird we found in our yard, we rescued it from the bush and let it fly away.

This is kind of hard to see, but I was planting some flowers and I didn't realize the kids were making artwork with water and sidewalk chalk on our car!! Ahhhhh! It washed right off, but it made me laugh.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Clayton in the Pool

Clayton loves the pool. She is wild. She also is so loud she hurts my ears, so you may want to turn down the volume. :)


Overwhelmed, Spiderman, and a few pictures.

Kenndall likes for Clayton to sit on her lap.
Coop wanted a picture with him in it.

Cooper loves ice cream. He would not look at me. He kept his eyes on his ice cream.

Kenndall passed out on the couch. She looks like she is praying.

My girls dressing up as princesses.

Some days I am just overwhelmed by God's goodness. I lack nothing in my life. God has blessed me with a husband that provides for us, is a wonderful father, and loves me unconditionally. My children are all healthy in mind and body. My home is comfortable. My yard is the best on the block (seriously, it is :)). My house is furnished with everything we need, there is food in the refridgerator, and gas in my car. We have fantastic friends and a loving supportive family. This Bible verse is expressive of what I am experiencing in my life.

And may The Strong God—may he give you his blessings,
Blessings tumbling out of the skies,
blessings bursting up from the Earth—
blessings of breasts and womb.
Gen. 49:25
God has blessed us in a completely holistic way. Spritually, mentally, physically, emotionally. It is incredible how when you chose to have a real relationship with him, not one area of your being is unblessed by God. God sees you not just as a spiritual being, but he also sees you as a body, a mind, and a heart. I love that! This verse makes that evident.

In the Spiderman movies, one of the characters tells Peter Parker, "with great power, comes great responsibility". Great line. This statement can be transformed to your blessings as well, "with great blessings, comes great responsibility". As my life is filled with blessings, my desire to give back to God in any way that I can is just as overwhelming as the blessings. God blesses us for a purpose. He wants us to use what we have to show His glory. The responsiblity of these blessings is that I must listen for His voice to show me how to use these blessings for His glory and to teach my children the same. Now that is an overwhelming responsibility, but one I am so willing and ready to take.

Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July

Notice Cooper's black hands, he liked to smash the snakes. :(
Pa-pa was popular as usual.

Clayton thinks she is a big kid.

Cooper loved the snakes!

And the poppers, Kenndall did not really like any of it. And said, "Can you hold me?" the entire time.

Clayton was wild on the horse.

Cupcakes! I think all the kids just ate the icing.Kenndall eating a roll with Gammy.

We had a fun time last night at Dad and Janet's house. Dad cooked out ribs and sausage, we had all kinds of yummy veggies, green beans, sweet potato fries, asparagus. Dessert was superb, chocolate cake, homemade vanilla ice cream and my favorite, banana pudding.
We ate, did some firecrackers and sparklers in the back yard. It was really fun. I felt kind of robbed because we didn't get to see a big fireworks show. But, we had a great time! There were 6 kids, all 4 years or younger. It was a little wild for Pa-pa and Gammy. We had a great time!