Saturday, October 30, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

Kenndall posing next to Daddy's pumpkin.
Ben 10 (Cooper) helping his daddy.
Clayton posing next to my pumpkin.
My pumpkin.
Brian's pumpkin.

Last night our little family carved pumpkins. It was fun. My pumpkin was very simple due to my lack of carving skills and artistic talent. However, Brian's pumpkin was totally scary and artistic. Anyway, the kids kind of were interested, but not to the point where they really enjoyed it, it just takes a little too long for their short attention span. LOL! It was fun anyway.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Beginning of Halloween

Halloween began for us today with a carnival at Superkids. The kids were so excited to wear their costume and get candy. I helped out with one of the games and all the kids had fun except for 1 or 2 little toots. (I know every child can have a bad day, but seriously, when my kids are naughty there are consequences that will prevent them from acting that way.) ANYWAY. Enough of the naughtiness!!! Okay, where was I......ahh Halloween.
Here are some of the festivities around our house.
So, my pictures are totally out of order, but I am not a computer genius and I don't know how to rearrange them.
Clayton in one of her halloween outfits, she is saying cheese.
The girls, last Sunday when Brian was in Kansas, I just took a couple of pictures because they looked so cute and it was a beautiful day.
Clayton picking the moss roses.
Kenndall eating her Halloween cookie.

We made Halloween cookies (okay, actually pillsbury made them and we put them on the pan.) :)
Clayton and her ghost cookie.
Cooper showing off his ghost cookie.
Clayton today in her ladybug costume.
Kenndall as a precious Dorothy Gail.
Cooper is Ben 10! For those of you who do not know who Ben 10 is, he is a cartoon character (Cooper likes to call him an "ordinary kid"), who turns into 10 different aliens. The outfit Coop has on is exactly like the one the character wears in the cartoon. Sigh... I am ready for the Ben 10 fascination to be over.

We plan to carve pumpkins Friday night and then do Trunk or Treat on Sunday night. So lots of Halloween fun ahead.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Warning: Reflections ahead!!

I had to put this picture up here because I love it. Kenndall loves to dress up and right now this is her favorite outfit to dress up in. Sweet silly girl.

This semester I am taking a qualitative studies course at Tech. It has been my favorite course to date. This course has had such a great effect on my thinking skills as a researcher, teacher, and as a person. What is so fascinating about it, is that it brings out the beauty of your personal thoughts and observations. I think so many of us are trained from a young age to fit into a box, to write a certain way, to act a certain way, to speak a certain way, and we start to lose our own sense of individuality. God has given each of us a completely unique brain, thought process, and skill set. In His idea of a church, we bring all of those great individual personality traits to the table and see where we can serve best. However, unless we spend time in personal reflection and meditation, we may not even know what our God given abilities are, or we have been tricked into thinking we are good at something we are not. I am still discovering what talents God has given me, it's not like you know overnight, it comes with trying new things, failure, success, and just toughing things out. However, God did not create any of us without a skill or talent, each of us has been blessed in some great and unique way. The double edged side to this theory, is that with this great blessing, comes a responsibility to share it. So, if your talent is teaching, you teach, if your talent is cooking, you cook, if your talent is organizing, then get to organizing. There is always a place for each unique talent within the church. By doing what you were created to do, there is a huge satisfaction that you are serving God to the best of your ability. And on the reverse of that, if you are not doing what you are created to do, there will be an emptiness in your life that cannot be filled. I love how God speaks to Paul in his conversion story, Paul blinded and on his knees and God says to him, "Why do you insist on going against the grain?" God is talking about the natural instincts He creates within us, even Paul knew that what he was doing was not what God had created him for! But, he had no idea how to find what he was supposed to be doing or how to get out of what he was doing. So many of us are like that, everyday, we go against the grain of our natural tendencies. We don't know how to stop or how to find what we are supposed to be doing.
Before this qualitative methods class, I felt that, I knew that I was confused about my God given skills. I didn't know how to express that, and I didn't know why I felt a little bit empty. This class has helped me learn to reflect in a way that opens doors and helps me "stop going against the grain".
Ok, so that is done. My reflection for the day.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Quick Catch Up

Clayton laying down in her chair watching TV.
Clayton reading to her baby. This baby gets carried around all day everyday. It gets fed, bathed, and spanked. Her name is Corley.
My girls!
Clayton loves to get "piddy" pretty by putting on all kinds of accessories.

I have not been good about taking pictures of the kids lately. So, shame on me. Anyway, here are a few that have made me laugh.

We will be busy in the coming weeks. Here is what will be going on. This weekend, Brian is going on a fishing trip to Kansas, the next weekend is Halloween, the next weekend is Clayton's birthday, and that same week we find out if baby # 4 is a boy or girl. Yeah! Anyway, so there will be lots of pictures coming up!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Way Beyond Myself

I've been thinking it's about time

To win the war that fights against all the lies invading my mind
You have brought me to my senses
Even though You built this world to shake
You still love me in a personal way
So I think it's time to leave my doubt behind

There's so much more than meets the eye
Or what's going on inside
I believe in something way beyond myself
Like the wind that moves the leaves
Lord, You move me to my knees
I believe in something way beyond myself

Oh the way we build our empires hoping to impress our friends
We've forgotten how to inspire those who fall to rise again
Oh my God, You've built this world to shake
You still love me in a personal way

So I think it's time to leave my doubt behind

Storms are gonna come my way, I know
Some things are out of our control but there's a hope beyond myself
It's You and You will never let me go
Now I want my life to show You got me thinking beyond myself
Way beyond myself

There's so much more than meets the eye
Or what's going on inside
I believe in something way beyond myself
Like the wind that moves the leaves
Lord, You move me to my knees
I believe in something way beyond myself

I love this song right now. So many times God is so abstract to us. We go through the motions, we say our prayers, go to church, teach our kids, but God doesn't seem real. Look outside at the wind moving through the trees, that is how God breathes His Spirit on us everyday. If you can feel that wind with your skin, you can feel the breath of God with your heart. Let God be real to you!