Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas at our House

Clayton opening her stocking, her hair is especially beautiful that morning!
Kenndall on her new tricycle
Cooper on his sweet new big wheel
Coop loves his new Star Wars figures..
Clayton kissing her "baba". She loves baby's and this My Little Pony baby is her favorite, she kissed the box she was so excited.

The kids had a great Christmas at our house. We spoiled them a little bit. It was so fun this year, they really understood that they were getting presents and were so excited about them!
Clayton loves Mya!
Snowball fight with cousins!
Coop and Kent in the bathtub
Kenndall, Mya, Clayton in the bathtub, Mya was not in the mood. :)

On our way up there, Bella found a nice little resting area on Clayton's lap. This is after Bella decided to get motion sickness and barf numerous times on my jacket.

We had a great time in Kansas. I was not ready leave. Brian's parents are just wonderful, I wish we lived closer. It was also good to see Becky, Joe and Mya. My husband has such a great family! The only bad thing was the extremely cold weather. I decided that I could never live much farther north than Oklahoma or Kansas because I hate the cold. Then we came home to cold weather, but it was not near the bitter cold of Kansas. We had a great time!

Christmas at Papa and Gammy's

Dad reading the Christmas story, Janet holding the girls.
One of Cooper's favorite presents, his muscles.
Kenndall got Snow White!!
Cooper got a Larry Boy Veggietales.
Clayton thinks that opening presents isn't as fun as eating them.

So this is a snippet of Christmas at Dad and Janet's house. It was a great time. All of my brother's were there, and Ally and her sweet family. It was a crazy, crowded, fun, memory making time! We had never spent a Christmas together since we have all been grown and married, so it was a good time.