Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Business and Messiness

The kids playing some type of dress up.

I think Coop is Leonardo (the Ninja Turtle)
Clayton just wanted her picture taken.
Kenndall was Ballerina Michaelangelo (the Ninja Turtle). Notice her sword stuck in the back of her ballerina outfit.
My messy children.

We have a busy weekend ahead. Brian's sister and mom are coming into town, and I have 2 baby showers. So for me I will probably not stop moving for about 72 hours straight. That is ok, I am really excited about seeing Becky, Mya, and Kathy.
On another note. I have decided to be content in messiness. There is no way on this earth that I can keep all 3 of my kids clothed, clean faced, combed hair, toys picked up, floor swept, laundry done, floor vacuumed, toys in order, no spots on the floor, no crumbs. It is absolutely impossible. One day I tried it just to see if I could do it. Nope. It was impossible. And I am content with that. There are too many little moments I would miss if I cleaned and picked up all the time. I wouldn't have time to read Cooper and Kenndall a book while Clayton spills Cheerios on the floor. I wouldn't have time to hug on Clayton while Kenndall pulls out her pony tail. I wouldn't have time to sing Sleeping Beauty song with Kenndall while Cooper decides that pants should be optional. There comes a point when a little bit of messiness is ok because the moments behind the mess are irreplaceable. And that is the theme of these pictures, sometimes the kids are messy, almost naked, and just wild, but it is so worth it!