Monday, March 08, 2010

Kids stuff


Watching a show.
Clayton's hair is getting long
My sweet girls.

We seem to have our routine and time flies by each week! I am so thankful I am not famous or really rich because it is so nice to have anonymity and quiet. I see the children of movie stars and I just feel sorry for them, it would not be fun to live under a microscope.
The kids are learning and changing all the time. They are all getting so tall, I am glad it will be summer soon, so they don't have to wear pants, because they seem to become highwaters over night! Especially Cooper, he is already in 4T shirts because his little body is just long. Kenndall needs a 12-18 month waist and 2T length, which is hard to find. Clayton is fitting 12 month really well now. I wonder how soon the girls will be in the same size? When I took them to the dr. the other day, Clayton weighed 21 lbs. and Kenndall weighed 25 lbs. Here in the next year I bet they will be almost the same size. I had someone ask me if they were triplets the other day. Weird. I think some people just aren't familiar with little children or are not observant. There is a huge difference between Cooper and Clayton's size. Oh well, it gave me a laugh.
So here are a few things that are happening with the kiddos.
Cooper. Very interested in superheros, loves to tell stories and read stories. His teacher at school says he is left handed! I kind of wondered, because he uses both hands for most tasks. He likes to cut left handed, so we will see. Neither Brian nor I are left handed. Interesting. Cooper loves to talk to everyone, he has never met a stranger and loves meeting other kids wherever we go. He also has become more observant about people, commenting on facial hair, gender, or skin color. He also says hilarious stuff a lot. The other day, he told Brian something at Home Depot cost fifty butts.
Kenndall. Right now, she likes to color and draw. She is learning colors at school, but is still a little confused, most everything is pink to her. She loves dresses right now and wants to pick out a dress to wear everyday. I don't care, she looks precious in anything. She is so sweet and kindhearted, she will share when others are not sharing, she helps me with everything, from laundry to dishes, to picking up toys, and she loves it. So I will take advantage of that as long as possible. She is a pleaser. She loves to make me happy. And when she wants to know how I feel, she asks, "Are you laughing?" and then if I say yes, she says, "At me?" Then if I am not happy with her she asks, "Are you sad?". She is a precious girl, but she does like to tease her brother sometimes.
Clayton. Clayton is just wild. She has no fear and falls off furniture several times a day. She loves to climb in the chairs in the kitchen and sit and stand on the very edge as precariously as possible. She pushes the limits of gravity. She also pushes my limits, I have to use continual reinforcement of house rules with her. Like, not getting in the trash, not pulling pictures of the shelf, not taking toys from others, etc. She tries everything she is not supposed to do at least once a day, just to see if I will tell her the same thing. Lately she has started saying, "heeya!" and trying to hit something or someone when I tell her no. So of course that results in more discipline. She likes to bug Kenndall and Cooper, taking toys, pulling hair, stepping on them or their stuff. Just for the sake of their reaction. Clayton is like me when I was little. So I will be paying for my raising with her. The great thing about Clayton is her drive, she is the most determined child, and one track mind, she focuses and doesn't stop till she gets what she wants. It amazes me! If I can only teacher her to direct that determination in positive avenues. She is also very loving, she loves her baby dolls and carries them around and hugs on them, puts them in blankets. So cute. And she loves to sing. She sings song from Superkids all the time. "If you love Jesus." and "This little light of mine" are her two favorites.
Anyway. I mainly just wanted to write down a few things for myself to remember about the kids. Sometimes life just goes by so fast, and I know I will forget so much.
God is good.
On another note, please continue to pray for Gracie Tidwell. She is still in PICU and will be for awhile, everyday she needs prayers. God is the God of miracles and I know he can heal her. He will do what is best for that sweet baby. It is so comforting to me to know that God only wants good for me and my children, that He can take evil and pain and create a beautiful healing out of them. God is good.