Monday, April 05, 2010

Never buy Jet Dry again!!

Well, the title is a little overdramatic, but seriously, I don't know about any of you, but my dishwasher drives me crazy! I have all kinds of minerals in there and sometimes on my dishes. YUCK! Recently I have tried every type of dishwasher cleaner and nothing has worked, much to my disgust at my failure and loss of money. :( So I began experimenting. Since my limited science background told me that acid and bases react and that minerals are traditionally basic in nature, I thought I would throw some vinegar in my dishwasher and see what happened. So I poured 3 cups in the empty dishwasher and ran the cycle. When I opened it up, nearly half of the stubborn minerals were gone!!! WOW! And I spent very little money on my vinegar. So, if you need to clean your dishwasher, just use vinegar, don't spend your money on anything else. Anyway, today I was looking at the net for some recipes on homemade bread, because I am itching to try it. I found a suprising amount of people have quit buying Jet Dry Rinse Aid for their dishwashers and instead just use vinegar!! WHAT! Why have I never thought of that? Duh! So I will never buy Jet Dry again! There were also suggestions for using just a tablespoon or so with your laundry and it helps keep the washing machine clean just like the dishwasher. Oh, and if any of you detest the smell of vinegar like I do, neither your clothes or your dishes smell at all like vinegar. So you are saving money, keeping things cleaner, taking care of the environment (vinegar is completely nontoxic for the environment), and making yourself less dependent on large money wasting organizations! Try it! You will not go back to buying Jet Dry!