Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cooper's Birthday and Mother's Day reflection

Cooper turned 4 on Saturday. Wow, it is unbelievable how much faster time goes when you have kids! It seems like yesterday he was a baby and I was holding my little baby boy in my arms. Ahh well, memories....
Anyway. He had a great birthday. Michaelangelo cake (decorated by my artistic husband), tons of presents, and a house full of family. It was a great time. Coop had 7 cousins, 4 aunts, 4 uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents at his birthday party! What a blessing to have so much family so close! I love living close to my family.

Cooper is such a precious boy. He has a big heart just like his daddy. He is very creative and I think the most friendly boy on the planet. (I think it might be time for the stranger danger talk. ) He will talk to anyone and everyone. When I took him to the dr. yesterday for his 4 year check up. He did not stop talking to the dr.'s and nurses the entire time. He is so laid back and is never quick to do anything. He is methodical and takes his time in everything he does. It is great. It is slowly teaching me a new level of patience. :) He is quite a thinker, not neccessarily about seriously things, but about everything. The other day, we were talking about grandparents, and I was explaining to him that my dad is his papa. Then he asked, "Is Janet your mommy?" I said, "no, my mom is dead". He responded, "I will be Superman and save her!" I just laughed and said, "She is saved already, she is with Jesus." He seemed content with that answer. I love my son. There is just a special bond between a mother and her son. I love to see him grow and I cannot wait to see the man he becomes.

Ok. Now for my mother's day thoughts. Hmmm. Mother's Day is not my favorite day. I try to make it a day of remembering pleasent memories, but it is impossible to separate the pleasent from the sad. Soooo, it is one of the few days that I allow myself to be a little sad and a little emotional. Most of the time I do not dwell in the sadness, but for some reason mother's day is just one of the three days in a year I cannot be completely at peace. Mother's Day, her birthday, and the day of her death. If somehow I could skip those days, that would be great. I amaze myself with my own selfishness sometimes. LOL! God is good and I know these days will be filled with much joy in the future. So here is a memory for me. This picture is my mom holding her first grandbaby, Cooper (he is a little jaundiced). She came over everyday to see him after he was born.