Monday, May 17, 2010

Matt's Graduation

A cute picture of me and the girls after church on Sunday.
Eating popcorn at graduation.
The 4 kids.

Dad, Matt, Brittany, and Janet

Matt getting hooded by his professor.

This weekend I went to Norman, OK to see my brother Matt graduate from OU with a PhD in Chemistry and Biochemistry. It was so exciting to see my little brother become Dr. Joyner. It is kind of funny to say it, but he worked so hard and I am very proud of his acheivements. Dad, Janet, Nat, Me, and the girls went together for the weekend. I don't know what I would have done without Dad and Janet, it was like having two babysitters along. They were great. We had a great time. We went to a graduation reception, graduation, then Brittany had a graduation party for Matt, then the next day was church and we came home. It was great to spend time with everyone. It will be exciting to see what doors God will open up for Matt as he moves from one stage of his life to another. God is good and He will lead Matt and Brittany where they need to go.
This week is the last week of superkids, I am very sad, but I am going to plan some activities for the kiddos and can hopefully organize a lot of friend time. My life is so full of family and friends I thank God for all of the relationships he has blessed my life with.