Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July

Notice Cooper's black hands, he liked to smash the snakes. :(
Pa-pa was popular as usual.

Clayton thinks she is a big kid.

Cooper loved the snakes!

And the poppers, Kenndall did not really like any of it. And said, "Can you hold me?" the entire time.

Clayton was wild on the horse.

Cupcakes! I think all the kids just ate the icing.Kenndall eating a roll with Gammy.

We had a fun time last night at Dad and Janet's house. Dad cooked out ribs and sausage, we had all kinds of yummy veggies, green beans, sweet potato fries, asparagus. Dessert was superb, chocolate cake, homemade vanilla ice cream and my favorite, banana pudding.
We ate, did some firecrackers and sparklers in the back yard. It was really fun. I felt kind of robbed because we didn't get to see a big fireworks show. But, we had a great time! There were 6 kids, all 4 years or younger. It was a little wild for Pa-pa and Gammy. We had a great time!