Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family Reunion and Albuquerque

Ok, so I am determined to be done with my summer vacation pictures. This is the last bit of them. After our week in Kansas, me, the kids and Matt and Brittany drove from Wichita to Pueblo for our family reunion.
We stayed there 3 days and then headed to Albuquerque for a quick visit to Grandma Joyner. For some reason, these pictures are all blurry. Something is up with the resolution, sorry!!

Cooper's favorite part of visitng Grandma Joyner was the ice cream cones!
Kenndall playing with sidewalk chalk on the front porch.

Clayton running on the porch. Notice that both of her feet leave the ground when she runs. That girl always does everything 110%!

The traditional family picture at Grandma Joyner's house.

Kenndall showing Grandma her coloring.

Clayton playing ball.

Kenndall was a great hitter!

Cooper ringing the bell.

Me, Aunt Cindy, and Nat.

All the girl cousins. Me, Tricia, Holly, Tammy, Cindy, and Jessica.