Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The wild girl of the house!
My sweet kiddos.


The wild girl.

One day, Kenndall fell asleep while she was eating supper. Poor girl was tired.

Tonight is my first class for the fall semester. I am really excited about it. It is a "Naturalistic Inquiry" class, which means nothing to most of you, but is really quite fascinating to an education nerd like myself. I am also taking a Special Education class online, which has already put me in a bit of a foul mood. The problem with being an educator is when I take classes where the teacher uses poor methods of education, it really makes me have a bad attitude toward the teacher, because I think, PLEASE use research that you obviously know to change your methods of teaching to what is effective!! UGH! It is extremely frustrating. I remember my mom using a phrase, that I actually think is from the Bible, "Physician, heal thyself." Which in normal words is, "Doctor, treat yourself!" This is what I want to tell my Special Education teacher. Sigh..... This is why I MUST make a difference in education, so people are no longer enslaved by poor teachers with absymmally archaic teaching methods. Anyway, stepping down off of my soapbox. I am trying to change my crazy brain over from absentminded mother, to professional educator. It is somewhat humerous to think the transition can even be made. The other night as I was on my hands and knees at 4 am cleaning up throw up off the bathroom floor, I was pretty sure that there was no way, this dull brain of mine could even wrap around the concept of "Naturalistic Inquiry". LOL! But, God is good, and each day is a new day, and somehow, He give me the refreshing that I need and the encouragement I need to keep going.
Life around here has been a little crazy lately. I am ready for the kids to start Superkids. I love my sweet children, but they wear me out. Clayton is somehow a mess magnet. That girl just likes to make messes of everything. She tears books, rips up toilet paper, spills drinks, thinks lotion is fingerpaint, thinks cheerios are supposed to be smashed on the floor, and she puts anything in her mouth. I love her because she has enough personality for 10 kids, she is a good helper, and sweet as pie when she wants to be. But, she is a toot. She likes to drive her sister and brother crazy by randomly pinching them or running away with their toys.
Anyway, I need to go and get these children ready so I can go to class tonight.