Monday, September 27, 2010


Cooper and Kenndall were sick this day, so we all laid in my bed and watched cartoons.
Cooper went a little crazy with a stamp.
Clayton eating a powder sugar donut. Those are my favorite thing to eat right now! :(
Clayton was running around with a Cheerio stuck to her head, I laughed and laughed.

I love routine, I love having a schedule and a plan for everyday of the week. It gives me a sense of organization of life. Anyway, we have been settling in to our busy routine mainly consisting of school and bible class. It is nice. Yesterday I cooked Sunday lunch for the first time in 2 months! Brian said it was his first home cooked meal in awhile and unfortunately he is right. I have been so stinkin nauseous with this pregnancy for 2 months I could not hardly cook, clean or function like I should. Very frustrating! It is really hard to keep house and take care of 3 kids while feeling absolutely awful, and as far as cooking goes, I pretty much gave up for 2 months. Anyway, I am finally back to almost normal, still a little nauseous, but getting my energy back, so that is a big plus.
We are all doing good. The kids are getting so big and so smart, Cooper is learning to draw and write like a big kid. Kenndall is learning her letters. Clayton is just full of personality and sings and plays all day long. I love my sweet kids. Yes, they are a handful and everyone get's their share of spankings and time outs, but they are learning everyday how to do what is right. (Hopefully).
My school is going well. I have one great class and one not great class. So, it evens itself out. I am really enjoying my school this semester, since I am not working, I actually have time to do a good and thorough job on my school work. I need to start getting a dissertation proposal ready, but I want to make sure that I choose a topic that I will love researching. If I don't enjoy doing something, my motivation goes down hill, so I need something that I will love writing about. Anyway, the thoughts are slowly coming together in my head.
Brian and I are doing good, we are planning a camping trip for just us two in October. I am really excited about getting to spend time away from the kids and together. We always have so much fun camping, so I am super excited. We are going to fish, shoot, golf and maybe do a little motorcycle riding. Yeah!! Oh yeah, Brian got a motorcycle. I am excited for him, as soon as I have this baby, I am learning to ride it.
Well, that is really about all, boring, routine, busy, and wonderful. I have been thinking lately on being content. I think that true contentment comes from a realization that God will take care of your needs, no matter how great or how small. Thank you God for what I have been given!