Wednesday, December 08, 2010

21 weeks, kid updates, and Christmas lights

Here is our sweet baby's little face. Brian's first question was, does she have claws for arms? Well that is what it looks like, but her arms were up by her face, so the ultrasound kind of cut them off so we could see her face. It made me laugh. She reminds me of Cooper.
So, her name is Carson Ray. But as far as the spelling is concerned, we are not for sure. There are only a million ways to spell Carson.

Carson, Carsen, Karsen, Carsin, Karsin, Carsyn, Karsyn, Karson.

The Ray comes from a family name, my great grandparent's last name was Ray. Also, Brian and I liked the way it sounds with Carson.

Anyway. She is doing good. Everything normal and healthy, praise God.

Kenndall and Clayton are excited about having a new sister. Cooper has said many times, he already has sisters and he wants a brother. Tough luck buster. God has other plans. :)

In other household news. Clayton got rid of her paci and is pretty much potty trained. All of this happened with a week's time. Crazy! One night Clayton lost her paci behind her bed, and I couldn't find it, so I just told her that it was lost and she hasn't asked for it since! Wow! I was totally dreading taking it away, but it has been really not that bad. The only bad thing has been bedtime and if she wakes up at night. She has been getting out of bed a lot! But, honestly she had started that before the paci went bye bye. So, who knows, Kenndall went through the same thing at that age. The whole potty training thing was pretty much a fluke. I had been keeping her in panties at home because she kept taking off her diaper. But, she wouldn't go potty in the potty for me, she would just go in her panties. Then all of the sudden one day she just got it, and has been doing great ever since. I don't even put her in a pullup at naptime. So I am super excited about that!! No more diapers till April!!!!! This is the first time in 4 1/2 years that I have not had a child in diapers, it is great! So I am pretty proud of my big 2 year old!

Kenndall has been super sweet lately. The only time she gets naughty is if she doesn't get a nap. She has been really great, so I am kind of wondering when this great stage will end and a naughty stage will begin. She has been learning tons of letters and likes spelling words she sees everywhere.

Cooper has been a royal toot lately. I think the boy has inherited an incredibly argumentative nature from the Joyner side of the family tree. Lately, obeying without arguing has been a daily, even hourly struggle. Sigh. So anyone who knows how to help cure this behavior, please let me know. Here is a typical conversation,

Me: Cooper take this toy to your room, please.
Cooper: But, I was having a battle (he is not playing with any toys, it is just him, in his undies in the living room).
Me: I understand, but you can take a break from your battle to take this toy to your room. Cooper: But, I was just having a battle.
Me: Cooper, if I have to ask you again you are going to get a swat on your hiney, take this toy to your room and stop arguing.
Cooper: But, I am not arguing.
Me (with a swat to his stubborn hind end): You must obey your mama. Do not argue or talk back, just do what I ask.
Cooper (always having to get the last word in): But, I am not arguing or talking back.
Me: Cooper, close your mouth until you can think of something happy to talk about.

Anyway. That happens at least 20 times per day. Needless to say, all of my patience is completely used up by about 9 AM because of this child. So I just say a prayer for guidance and patience and do the best I can. I would however, appreciate any advice that anyone could give.

My classes are over for the semester and I am really excited about Christmas in Kansas. We will head up there there on Christmas Eve. I am hoping it snows while we are there. Here is a picture of our beautiful Christmas lights, with a big thanks to my sweet husband and Heatwole technologies!! :)