Tuesday, March 29, 2011

April 7th??

April 7th will be the day for Karsyn Celena to meet her crazy family. Unless I go into labor before then. We will see, I am really not expecting much since I don't have my babies early. Life is crazy around here. I am working hard on school and trying to keep this house relatively clean before the baby gets here. Everything is ready, my bag is packed, the carseat is by the back door. My poor mind has been functioning at a lower level lately. For instance, I was making a PB and J for Kenndall, I looked down and realized I had put peanut butter on both sides of the bread. Sigh. Things like that. My poor kids. Unfortunately I think the lack of sleep after the baby is born will only makes things get worse before they get better. :)

Cooper has Kindergarten orientation next week, on April 6th. I am excited for him, he is going to love KG! He will probably get in trouble for wanting to play superhero with all the boys in his class, he will love having some friends that are boys! I am a little sad that he is so big already, but I am also very excited to see him grow and learn.

Kenndall and Clayton have been the wild ones lately. They are growing so close as sisters, I love it, they can play together all day long. Their games range from superheros (Batgirl is their favorite), princesses, babies, dress up, hide and seek, singing songs, dancing, playing in their kitchen. They are becoming inseparable. I am trying to teach them how to do things around the house with me like fold laundry, dust, unload the dishwasher, etc. They love helping me! Almost a little too much. I think they will smother little Karsyn with their good intentions. They make me laugh because they both like to talk and sometimes my day is full of conversations about everything from body parts to Jesus to insects to feelings.

Enough rambling, I am ready to lay in my bed and zone out for awhile. Oh, I forgot.....

Here are some newborn pics of the the other kids. I just wonder who Karsyn will look like?
Clayton with her mowhawk. She was due 11-5 and I went into labor with her on 11-2. No pain meds, NOT doing that this time around. I remember I went into labor around 2 in the afternoon and she was born after 11 pm. 9 hours of natural labor, not worth repeating.
Kenndall, sadly I don't remember when I was due, but when I hit 38 weeks, Dr. Owen asked me if I wanted to be induced and I said yes. So I must have been due sometime at the end of September. Best birth experience, 6 hours of labor, epidural worked great.
Cooper, 42 weeks, induced. 10 hours of labor, found out the hard way that pitocin creates the worst pain imaginable, demerol, and epidural, pushed 2 hours. Not a good experience. But, it obviously didn't stop me from having more kids. LOL!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Musings

March 17th, I am a little in shock that time has flown by so quickly. I feel like my kids are growing up right in front of me. Truthfully, I was not really looking forward to Spring Break, because I have to find daily entertainment for the kids. Thankfully the weather has been nice, so outside time has been great. Today was wash the car day. Cooper and Kenndall are old pros, but Clayton couldn't really remember how from last summer. In fact, she was a little unsure of the whole water hose thing, which made me laugh. Off and on her face would get a little bit sad as she looked at her dripping wet clothes, then she would see Cooper and Kenndall running and laughing and she would join in. I cannot wait for this summer! I bet we fit in swimming a little bit every day!

Disclaimer about these pictures: I let my kids chose their outfits today. :)

Cooper washing the suds off.

Clayton scrubbing the dirt.

Kenndall scrubbing the dirt.

The helpers after the car is washed, all of the are sopping wet.

Kenndall playing with the hose.

Cooper enjoying the sun on drive way.

Clayton telling me that Kenndall got water on her.

Cooper running down the sidewalk leaving footprints.

Kenndall running down the sidewalk leaving footprints.

Clayton just took a drink from the water hose and this was the look on her face.

Clayton and Kenndall riding the rocking horse together. Completely unsafe, I had to put an end to this fun. But they are so cute.

Clayton combing Kenndall's hair.

Kenndall combing Clayton's hair. I love these girls!

It is almost time for this baby to be here, and I am glad. It is getting impossible for me to efficiently do what needs to be done to keep this house in order. Even making the bed seems like running a marathon. LOL! I will be 37 weeks on Saturday. So, after that, I will be ready for the baby to come any day. I can't wait to see her little face. This poor child, I haven't bought her a single thing till a couple of days ago. I bought her a bow and headband to go with a precious little dress from Janet.

So this spring break I have been trying to get the kids summer and winter clothes sorted, put up and washed. That is an ordeal, thank goodness it is only twice a year. That is one thing I have to get done before Karsyn gets here, or it will never get done and my kids will be wearing long sleeve shirts in July. I am almost done, Coop is the only one left, and I think I will attempt that tomorrow. I also need to do some homework, transcribing, reading articles, researching a few ideas, but with the kids home, there is no way that is happening.

Today I have been thinking on realness. If that is the word to describe it. Real people. People that know that my house is sometimes a huge mess, people that don't care if I didn't get a shower that day, people that can just come over anytime, people that I know will be honest with me and not beat around the bush, people that I can express myself freely in front of, people that will not judge me for anything, ever. I have a few friends and a few family members like this in my life and I am so thankful for them. If this type of friendship is practiced, then the practice can be applied to our relationship with Jesus. If you can practice this type of friendship, you know how Jesus feels for you. He knows me in and out, and loves me, and that is definitely a deep, real relationship. It is so important for us to be real with our friends, and our family, and our God. Be who you are, embrace your past, embrace your struggles, let them be a part of you, let your friends know, be open to your friends struggles, be open to sharing a real, honest life.

My youngest daughter just walked into my room buck naked wearing my flip-flops. LOL! If that isn't real, I don't know what is. :)

Friday, March 04, 2011

March already!!

I cannot believe that it is March! Where did February go? So, 4 weeks till baby is here!! I am so so so glad, having 3 kiddos 4 and under and big belly to get in the way of everything, is a slight inconvenience to me getting anything done. And I simply cannot move quickly, which is a huge problem, when a little 2 year old girl is overflowing a sink or choking on a frosted miniwheat. I cannot help but laugh at the craziness of our life lately.
We have been so busy lately. It seems almost every night of the week we have something to do. This weekend is especially crazy. Ladies Retreat tonight at church, tomorrow birthday party, Sunday is a baby shower, Monday night is my class at Tech.
I really need to get the clothes washed and put away for baby Karsyn. A month is not a long time when it comes to getting things ready for a baby. I also need to go through the other kids clothes and put up winter stuff and get out spring/summer stuff. I am officially done with winter. :) I have been spring cleaning and nesting all at the same time. I love spring, it is one of my favorite seasons.
A couple of things that I want to remember...
Kenndall wears a dress everyday. She doesn't want to wear pants at all. She also likes to have her hair down (and usually asks me to curl it with the curling iron) or in a "Belle" braid. She is such a sweet little helper for me, and is the one that gets along best with her brother and sister. 99% of the time she is an angel. But the 1% of the time, she is super super naughty.
Cooper has decided that all of his PJ's are costumes, and keeps his pajama drawer empty all day. He changes PJ's probably 10 times a day, each one of them is a different superhero. He has fallen in love with Lego Batman, because we got the PS3 game, and watches his dad play it like it is a movie. He will change his PJ's and pretend that he is in the game fighting bad guys. It is pretty funny. The downside is that he doesn't like wearing real clothes and it is an inevitable argument with him when we go places.
Clayton is her regular mischevious self. She is such a helper to me and tries her hardest to help Kenndall and Cooper and usually just makes them mad. She hates going to bed at night and every night is the WWIII at bedtime. It is awful, she will not stay in her bed, sometimes whether I spank her or not it takes an hour or hour and a half to get her to stay in her bed and go to sleep. Some nights I just want to cry. But, I know it is just a stage. She loves to try to be like her mama, the girl helps me unload the dishwasher every time and knows where everything goes in the kitchen, it is so funny. She also loves to help me put up laundry. She loves playing with babies, feeding them, rocking them, putting them in her stroller, giving them their bottles, it is so precious.
I cannot wait to see baby Karsyn, on her sonograms she has chubby little cheeks and a nose like mine and Cooper's. She will be such a precious addition to our family. God is so good.