Thursday, June 30, 2011

What do we do all day?

What do we do on a lazy summer day at my house?

Well we start the day by watching a few cartoons. Clayton and Kenndall love to cuddle with mama on on the couch.

Then we have play time. Clayton usually loves to play with her babies, she is a great mommy!

Then it is time for lunch. Here are the kids in our new little corner table. We love it!

Then it is time to swim. The girls are getting better and better everyday. And Cooper is pretty much a fish.

And this is Karsyn's newest fun thing to do. She loves to stand up and play with her little toys. She thinks she is big.

Of course, no one ever fights or throws fits. I never want to pull my hair out. Karsyn never cries, we are all happy and sing songs and talk about rainbows and butterflies. We eat super nutritious meals and have exercise time as a family. We are a perfect little family.

LOLOLOL! nothing could be farther from the truth. Our house is a circus. Fighting, crying, peeing on the floor, spilling drinks, too much TV, messes everywhere, dishes in the sink, laundry piled high, hotdogs and peanut butter crackers for supper, ketchup in the hair, ketchup in Karsyn's hair, sand in the carpet, burned bacon, pullups in the washing machine, pages torn from books, and everyone always needs mama to do something!!

Yes, our life is a little crazy and far far far from perfect. But I am so glad. I am happy the way we are, and I know I am doing the best I can. So many mamas feel pressure to do everything in a way that makes them look good in the eyes of others. One of the most important things about being a mama is that your kids know that you love them, messes, nutrition, exercise, etc.. all will fall into place if you are content with finding what works for you and your kiddos. Don't be pressured! Just enjoy life and teach your kids to enjoy life.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

111 Degree soapbox

First, a few pics of the kids.Karsyn in her little walker, she loves it because she can stand up.
Speaking of standing up, this is her favorite game.
Pretty in pink.
Mya and the kids in the little pool.

Karsyn is going to be a big fan of the Cowboys. :) Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Cross.

As I sit to write this, I am sweating in my nicely air conditioned home. I wonder what is going on? The thermostat reads 80, it is set for 74, the air conditioner cannot keep our home cool because it is 111 degrees outside! In my 25 years in Lubbock, TX I have never experienced this type of wind, heat, and lack of rain. It has been slightly amazing, actually. I never thought I would actually crave rain, not just the clear succulent drops falling from the sky, but the fresh smell, the coolness of the breeze, and the sound of the world being washed clean. The unrelenting heat of the sun and the persistent blow dryer of wind have created a void that can only be filled by one thing. If you have never craved something so bad that you would do crazy things to get it, you have been way too sheltered. People that don't even believe in God have been praying for rain and telling others to pray for rain. There are gatherings to specifically petition God to break the drought, some people even think that the drought is caused by sin. It is all a little petty in my opinion. Yes, the heat is the oppressive, and the drought is absolutely ridiculous. But, it takes a drought to make us appreciate the rain, just like it takes a life of misery and pain to appreciate the happiness and peace in our lives when God works in us. I have a friend who was not raised in the church and she often inspires me with her matter of fact attitude and simple desire to do what God wants her to do. Sometimes I am even a little jealous of her perspective. She is not burdened by years of overwhelming abundance, the drought in her life has made her appreciate the rain in a way that I wonder if I will ever experience that simple faith. It makes me crave a deeper relationship with God, it makes me want to smell the essence of my Father in the same room with me, it makes me want to see through the eyes of His Spirit into the souls of others, it makes me want to feel the brush of my Savior's hand on my shoulder. Just like I crave the rain. It takes a drought to appreciate the rain. Maybe instead of praying for rain, we should pray for strength and ability to see the beauty and power of the drought. Interesting thought. God is good, and He sends the rain to everyone.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just for me- Uncle Paul's memory

July 2005, Stephen, Paul, John, and Lou Eckstein

My great uncle, Paul Eckstein died yesterday. This blog is simply catharsis for myself. I am in a funk today. I guess death kind of does that to you. He took his last breath in a deep sleep with his daughter and daughter-in-law by his side. I know the feeling to watch someone take their last breath, so I guess that is why I am just not myself today. So to cleanse and bandage the wound I will write what I loved and what I want to remember.
My Uncle Paul, this man had a smile that I will never forget. His hugs, his smile, his always positive voice and words will stay with me forever. His idea of friendship sharing I never really understood, until recently. He was all about relationships, he loved people, all people and would always be willing to sit and talk about his relationship with his Savior and how that relationship was available to everyone who wanted it. He was a widow, he lost Marilyn to cancer when I was around 14 years old, one time when I was at their house, she gave me some little ceramic rabbits to take home. I still have them, they are in my garden, every time I look at them it makes me smile. Uncle Paul was in WWII. Last time he was here, he was showing Cooper how to salute. Even in his 80's Uncle Paul had a perfect salute. Small in stature, a soft voice, soft hands and a gentle touch, Paul was a fierce warrior of God. He ministered to anyone that needed help with anything, providing a spiritual blessing to people that were hurting and lost. His soft brown eyes carried a wisdom and peace that only comes from suffering, hardship, and victory over them.
Uncle Paul had so much energy, like an energizer bunny, he always was going somewhere, or doing something. He loved to tinker and had a knack for repairing small electronics. My grandpa would save all the various little broken items for when Uncle Paul would come always saying, "I bet Paul could fix this." Paul never thought it was a burden, but would usually be able to fix whatever it was.
My heart hurts for my Grandpa, Paul was closest to him in age. All my life I heard stories of my Grandpa, Paul and John aka Bub, Tiny and Wee Tiny and their adventures as boys in Dallas of the 1930's. Games in the dirt, makeshift bases in a field with baselines drawn with a stick, collecting different colored tickets of the streetcar, which 1 cent candy from the store could win another if the center was the right color, playing church with Paul the preacher repeating the 3 words he knew, "and God said." Story after story, memory after memory, visualized by my Grandpa's weaving of the words. Three poor half Jewish brothers who were thrown into adulthood as they were all drafted into the military. They crossed the Atlantic to fight against the evil that threatened the freedom their Latvian father crossed the same ocean to find. Wounded, missing in action, and combat created an experience that left them scarred but not weakened. All three made it back to the U.S. only by the Grace of God, and the fervent prayers of their mother, father, sister and little brother. This family, my family, is so much of where I came from. I love the story. I wish I could share not only the facts, but the emotions that go along with it. Paul was a vital part of it. John was too, but his mind is clouded these days. My Grandpa and my Uncle Lou are the only ones that really are left of the Eckstein family who made their home in Dallas in the 1930's and later Kansas City. It makes me sad that the end of their stories is at hand, and that so many stories were lost in the passing of Paul.
I have been in a funk today, call it what you will, sadness, grief, mourning. My expression of this has been a general grouchiness to my poor family and my writing.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun this week!

Kenndall and Karsyn.
Grandma Cross is here from Kansas, Karsyn is loving the extra cuddle time.

Mya is here too! She calls Karsyn brother (lol!) and she loves to share stuffed animals with her.
Karsyn has grown out of her newborn outfits! This is 3 month. She is getting so big!
Cooper's lego creation. He could do lego all day.
Karsyn can sit in her bumbo for about 30 minutes and she loves it.

Swimming with the cousins!

I love my sweet family!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

misc i phone pics

Here are some cute pics that I had on my phone. That is why they are not the greatest quality.
Kenndall by the pool, she doesn't get in the pool, just likes to sit by the pool.
Clayton loves the pool of course.
Cooper swimming with floaties.
This was actually taken in church. But the smile was so cute I couldn't resist.

The milk induced coma. :)

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Karsyn 8 weeks, a snapshot of a day

This is Karsyn 59% of the hours in a day. Sleeping. She sleeps very well, so I really cannot complain. And she sleeps from about 11 at night to 7 in the morning.

About 20 % of the time Karsyn has a grimace/smile. She is really sad, but can almost for a second decide she might think about giving a smile to mama.

This is another 20% of the time. Crying. That pretty much is self explanatory.

This is Karsyn's happy face, yes I know her poor face is broken out. Brian says that is why she is sad. Maybe so. I can get her to smile about 2 seconds out of a 24 hour period. So we will say she smiles 1% of the time.

I love my baby Karsyn.