Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snow Day!

Here are a few pictures of our fun in the snow today. Unfortunately is was soooooo cold we couldn't stay out long, but the kids had fun.
Clayton making a snow angel. It was torture for her, mainly because of the blowing snow and bright bright sun in her eyes, but she did it anyway.
This was her face everytime she laid down in the snow, pure misery.
Kenndall had a blast making snow angels, and snowballs and of course eating snow.
This was Cooper's main activity. He didn't want to make a snow angel because it was too cold, but he ate tons of snow.

Kenndall making a snowball.

And then on another note, this is our new bed for the girls. It is a twin over full bunkbed. They love love love it! And I do too. Kenndall likes the top bunk and sleeps in it most of the time, some times she sleeps by Clayton on the bottom. It is VERY sturdy and will last us for years and years! I love it. So, now we are officially ready for the baby.