Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines and Round 2 of the Flu

My poor babies! Let's just say next year we are all getting flu shots. I didn't think it was even possible to get the same flu 2 times. But it is. So we have been stuck at home this week again. I just feel so bad when my sweet kids are so sick. But God is good, and we are better today!

Kenndall laying on the couch with the flu.
Clayton passed out on the chair with the flu.

Valentines Day. Brian was sick in bed with the flu all day. But he managed to help me out with the kiddos valentines. Clayton got a dog purse (it is kind of dumb, but her and Kenndall love them!) a pink monkey and some yummy candy. Clayton is really not a fan of Candy, so she only ate like 2 pieces. So I got to eat the rest. Mmmmmm! Hershey's kisses with Carmel are the best.
Cooper got a couple of lego Ben-10 characters. He LOVES them. This kid can sit and do Lego for hours. He watched Brian put them together once and now he can do it all by himself. He even makes up new characters and figures out how to put them together. It is really impressive. This kid loves Lego.
Sweet Kenndall got a dog purse and a pink hippo and of course candy. She loved hers too.
I am not really a fan of Valentines. I would rather Brian spend the money on the kids than me. And I do not want to go wait in line for 2 hours to eat at a restaurant, that is not romance. I don't want to spend hard earned money on roses that will die, or on chocolate that will be eaten, or a card that will get thrown away. To me romance is to see my husband play with his kids every night when he gets home, when he feeds and waters the dog, stays home with the kids so I can go to class, prays over our sweet family every morning, works so hard so that I can stay home with our kids, makes sure we have a beautiful lawn in the summer for the kids to play in, acts interested when I talk to him for 30 minutes straight about education, plays words with friends every night with me when we go to bed, puts in Twilight movies because he knows I like them, and tells me I am the hottest pregnant chick he has ever seen. LOL!
The most important thing in my marriage is everyday, unconditional love, treating each other with respect, and a continuous choice of deliberate commitment.
Anyway. I have been a little emotional lately. I am going to blame it on the fact that I am 32 weeks pregnant. :)