Friday, March 04, 2011

March already!!

I cannot believe that it is March! Where did February go? So, 4 weeks till baby is here!! I am so so so glad, having 3 kiddos 4 and under and big belly to get in the way of everything, is a slight inconvenience to me getting anything done. And I simply cannot move quickly, which is a huge problem, when a little 2 year old girl is overflowing a sink or choking on a frosted miniwheat. I cannot help but laugh at the craziness of our life lately.
We have been so busy lately. It seems almost every night of the week we have something to do. This weekend is especially crazy. Ladies Retreat tonight at church, tomorrow birthday party, Sunday is a baby shower, Monday night is my class at Tech.
I really need to get the clothes washed and put away for baby Karsyn. A month is not a long time when it comes to getting things ready for a baby. I also need to go through the other kids clothes and put up winter stuff and get out spring/summer stuff. I am officially done with winter. :) I have been spring cleaning and nesting all at the same time. I love spring, it is one of my favorite seasons.
A couple of things that I want to remember...
Kenndall wears a dress everyday. She doesn't want to wear pants at all. She also likes to have her hair down (and usually asks me to curl it with the curling iron) or in a "Belle" braid. She is such a sweet little helper for me, and is the one that gets along best with her brother and sister. 99% of the time she is an angel. But the 1% of the time, she is super super naughty.
Cooper has decided that all of his PJ's are costumes, and keeps his pajama drawer empty all day. He changes PJ's probably 10 times a day, each one of them is a different superhero. He has fallen in love with Lego Batman, because we got the PS3 game, and watches his dad play it like it is a movie. He will change his PJ's and pretend that he is in the game fighting bad guys. It is pretty funny. The downside is that he doesn't like wearing real clothes and it is an inevitable argument with him when we go places.
Clayton is her regular mischevious self. She is such a helper to me and tries her hardest to help Kenndall and Cooper and usually just makes them mad. She hates going to bed at night and every night is the WWIII at bedtime. It is awful, she will not stay in her bed, sometimes whether I spank her or not it takes an hour or hour and a half to get her to stay in her bed and go to sleep. Some nights I just want to cry. But, I know it is just a stage. She loves to try to be like her mama, the girl helps me unload the dishwasher every time and knows where everything goes in the kitchen, it is so funny. She also loves to help me put up laundry. She loves playing with babies, feeding them, rocking them, putting them in her stroller, giving them their bottles, it is so precious.
I cannot wait to see baby Karsyn, on her sonograms she has chubby little cheeks and a nose like mine and Cooper's. She will be such a precious addition to our family. God is so good.