Tuesday, March 29, 2011

April 7th??

April 7th will be the day for Karsyn Celena to meet her crazy family. Unless I go into labor before then. We will see, I am really not expecting much since I don't have my babies early. Life is crazy around here. I am working hard on school and trying to keep this house relatively clean before the baby gets here. Everything is ready, my bag is packed, the carseat is by the back door. My poor mind has been functioning at a lower level lately. For instance, I was making a PB and J for Kenndall, I looked down and realized I had put peanut butter on both sides of the bread. Sigh. Things like that. My poor kids. Unfortunately I think the lack of sleep after the baby is born will only makes things get worse before they get better. :)

Cooper has Kindergarten orientation next week, on April 6th. I am excited for him, he is going to love KG! He will probably get in trouble for wanting to play superhero with all the boys in his class, he will love having some friends that are boys! I am a little sad that he is so big already, but I am also very excited to see him grow and learn.

Kenndall and Clayton have been the wild ones lately. They are growing so close as sisters, I love it, they can play together all day long. Their games range from superheros (Batgirl is their favorite), princesses, babies, dress up, hide and seek, singing songs, dancing, playing in their kitchen. They are becoming inseparable. I am trying to teach them how to do things around the house with me like fold laundry, dust, unload the dishwasher, etc. They love helping me! Almost a little too much. I think they will smother little Karsyn with their good intentions. They make me laugh because they both like to talk and sometimes my day is full of conversations about everything from body parts to Jesus to insects to feelings.

Enough rambling, I am ready to lay in my bed and zone out for awhile. Oh, I forgot.....

Here are some newborn pics of the the other kids. I just wonder who Karsyn will look like?
Clayton with her mowhawk. She was due 11-5 and I went into labor with her on 11-2. No pain meds, NOT doing that this time around. I remember I went into labor around 2 in the afternoon and she was born after 11 pm. 9 hours of natural labor, not worth repeating.
Kenndall, sadly I don't remember when I was due, but when I hit 38 weeks, Dr. Owen asked me if I wanted to be induced and I said yes. So I must have been due sometime at the end of September. Best birth experience, 6 hours of labor, epidural worked great.
Cooper, 42 weeks, induced. 10 hours of labor, found out the hard way that pitocin creates the worst pain imaginable, demerol, and epidural, pushed 2 hours. Not a good experience. But, it obviously didn't stop me from having more kids. LOL!