Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cooper's 5th birthday

Cooper turned 5 on May 8th! We had his party on Saturday. He wanted an Optimus Prime cake. He talked about having this cake since his last birthday, this boy when he knows what he wants he doesn't forget about it.

Th kids eating cake. Everyone had blue lips and blue teeth.

Clayton with her blue mole.

Cooper got a Thor helment and hammer from Uncle Matt and Aunt Wendy.
Legos from Uncle Nat
More legos from Mom and Dad. Cooper loves Legos!!
Cooper and Lego Batman PJ's from Uncle Cameron and Aunt Kim.

A Connect the dots book and shorts from Great Grandma and Grandpa Eckstein. Cooper loves connect the dots books!
Cooper opening his card from Grandma and Grandpa in Kansas. He was so excited!

We went to the Dr. yesterday for his well check. He weighed 34 lbs, 10th percentile, and was 40 inches tall, 25th percentile. I know no one really cares about this but me, but I wanted to remember for later. The dr. said he was a very healthy boy.

A couple of other things I want to remember about Coop at 5.

He loves putting legos together with his Daddy. They can do this for hours.

He has to finish what he starts, which is great. Unless we are trying to go somewhere and he has to pick up every single little tiny lego before we go. He is like his daddy.

He loves to play pretend. He has a fantastic imagination. His favorite games are superhero, lego superhero, star wars lego, harry potter lego, batman lego.

He doesn't really play Ben 10 anymore. (I am kind of glad)

He really wants to do Karate, so I think we are going to let him do that for awhile and see how he likes it.

He loves his baby sister. He is so gentle and soft when he touches her, and so affectionate, he kisses her all the time and talks about how much he loves her.

He butts heads with Clayton, Clayton drives him crazy because she likes to take his stuff and run away.

He and Kenndall are best friends and can play all day. Right now they love to play Ironman and Princess. Sometimes they play Ironman and Black Widow.

He can quote almost every line from Tangled. And his smolder makes me laugh everytime.

He loves to sing, and can remember lines from songs and the tune of songs after hearing them only once. He heard Lady Antebellum sing on American Idol and he was singing the song after the show, even though he only heard it once.

Okay. That is all for now. Just some things I know I will forget.