Sunday, June 26, 2011

111 Degree soapbox

First, a few pics of the kids.Karsyn in her little walker, she loves it because she can stand up.
Speaking of standing up, this is her favorite game.
Pretty in pink.
Mya and the kids in the little pool.

Karsyn is going to be a big fan of the Cowboys. :) Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Cross.

As I sit to write this, I am sweating in my nicely air conditioned home. I wonder what is going on? The thermostat reads 80, it is set for 74, the air conditioner cannot keep our home cool because it is 111 degrees outside! In my 25 years in Lubbock, TX I have never experienced this type of wind, heat, and lack of rain. It has been slightly amazing, actually. I never thought I would actually crave rain, not just the clear succulent drops falling from the sky, but the fresh smell, the coolness of the breeze, and the sound of the world being washed clean. The unrelenting heat of the sun and the persistent blow dryer of wind have created a void that can only be filled by one thing. If you have never craved something so bad that you would do crazy things to get it, you have been way too sheltered. People that don't even believe in God have been praying for rain and telling others to pray for rain. There are gatherings to specifically petition God to break the drought, some people even think that the drought is caused by sin. It is all a little petty in my opinion. Yes, the heat is the oppressive, and the drought is absolutely ridiculous. But, it takes a drought to make us appreciate the rain, just like it takes a life of misery and pain to appreciate the happiness and peace in our lives when God works in us. I have a friend who was not raised in the church and she often inspires me with her matter of fact attitude and simple desire to do what God wants her to do. Sometimes I am even a little jealous of her perspective. She is not burdened by years of overwhelming abundance, the drought in her life has made her appreciate the rain in a way that I wonder if I will ever experience that simple faith. It makes me crave a deeper relationship with God, it makes me want to smell the essence of my Father in the same room with me, it makes me want to see through the eyes of His Spirit into the souls of others, it makes me want to feel the brush of my Savior's hand on my shoulder. Just like I crave the rain. It takes a drought to appreciate the rain. Maybe instead of praying for rain, we should pray for strength and ability to see the beauty and power of the drought. Interesting thought. God is good, and He sends the rain to everyone.