Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Is it really Independence Day without fireworks?

We went over to dad and Janet's for the 4th of July. It was fun. Dad cooked out, we had some fun family time. All of Dad and Janet's grandkids were there except for Colby. 9 kids total, ages 5 and under. It was pretty much a circus. Between the two kiddie pools, the swings, the food and the ice cream, it was wild. Fun, but wild. If you don't like little kids (Nat, jk) it was not for you. Or if you are not used to screaming, crying, splashing, peeing, or nakedness. That is my disclaimer. It was really hilarious actually. Britten was the ring leader since she was the oldest. Taylor, Abriella, Kenndall and Cooper kind of followed her lead. Ryan, Clayton and Ellie weren't quite so sure about the bigger kids, so they kind of did their own things. It was so fun to see everyone play together. And to top it off, all the kids got 3 ice cream cones for dinner...and that was it. I think Ryan, Clayton, and Ellie were the only ones who actually ate real food for dinner. It makes me laugh, "Gammy, Papaw, I need another ice cream cone" was probably said at least 20 times. LOL.
But no fireworks. Not a single sparkler, popper, blackcat, snake, tank, whizzer, bottle rocket, NOTHING. It was pretty sad. There is just something about watching fireworks that helps me think about how lives were lost to give us the freedom that we have today. Oh well. Two years in a row with no fireworks for my kids. So next year they will really love it.

Swimming at Papaw and Gammy's

Papaw and Gammy with all the kids except Ryan (he was crying) and Colby (with his mom and dad in Belton).
My kids in their patriotic outfits provided by Gammy!
And it kind of rained the other day, so the girls put on their raincoats and went out to play in the rain, I think it stopped after about 2 minutes, but they had fun!